“Traditional games will change towards more digital, hybrid and interactive style games”

The Sales Director of Aruze Gaming for Latin America and the Caribbean, Arleth Godinez referred to the future of electronic casino games and stated that “traditional games will change to modern games”. The executive also took stock of the company’s performance in G2E 2022 and pointed out the performance of the new cabinet Muso Triple-32.

According to Godinez, it is unlikely that traditional casino games will disappear but that there will be more room for innovation, and he considered that the future of casino games looks much more like an arcade. “As the demographics of the casino public change, we will see slot machines and traditional table games shift towards modern, more digital-style, hybrid and interactive games.“, he claimed.

In this sense, the executive explained that in 2009 Aruze Gaming presented the games Activ Play at the debut of its suite of products Paradise Fishing. Starting in 2022, the company already has a complete set of Activ-Play games, including two versions of Go Go Claw and the new interactive slot machine “Rock Paper Scissors Instant Win”. “These are games that do not require great skills and are based on the same principles as a traditional video slot with the only difference that they seek for users to interact more than just pressing a button”, explained Godinez.

The businesswoman also considered that the future of casino games lies in the incorporation of more Activ-Play elements since it will attract a different audience to casinos “while still pleasing lovers of classic casino machines.”

According to Godinez, “iGaming for casinos sounded ridiculous to some in earlier times, but today it is going through a process of integration”. “Although our iGaming solution is currently only available on New Jerseywe actively seek to expand it to reach other markets soon,” he added.

Featured Products at G2E

The Sales Director also referred to the presence of the company in Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Las Vegas. The executive assured that returning to G2E “was wonderful” and added that the entire Aruze team was looking forward to being present at the fair, since in 2021 -after the end of the pandemic- the G2E was a successful but quiet event. “The crowd we saw this year was incredible, it was a real event: we are happy to have been able to present three new products, and show others in the framework of G2E 2022. In addition, It was very interesting to see the increase of the Latin American community in the show; The Spanish language was constantly heard in the corridors of the fairs as well as in the booth”, he expressed.

Among the most outstanding products in its offer, the company emphasizes its new cabinet Muso Triple-32, which has three 32-inch LCD screens each, has LED lighting in the shape of a trapezoid or honeycomb and has an ergonomic keypad with a standard wireless charger. It also has an optional USB charging port, a 13.3-inch LCD deck, and dedicated wrist rests. In addition, it combines classic games with exclusive titles from Aruze Gaming.

With respect to Go Go ClawmGodinez analyzed: “This is one of the greatest achievements of Aruze Gaming and winner of the Innovative Product of the Year Award at the Global Gaming Awards 2022. The RNG technology with which it works is that of a traditional slot machine and users participate in the game trying to grab and drop some of the available prizes with a mechanical claw. It is a mixture between the classic arcade fun and the modern casino”, highlighted the executive.

The game entertainment solutions developer company announced at G2E the launch of the title Shoot to Win Craps Lucky Roll on the AP-X platform. In addition, it also launched its new Bomb CollectorTMfor your model cabinet T-32.

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