Traditional medicine to the rescue? Study demonstrates the benefits of acupuncture in the prevention of diabetes

Traditional Eastern medicine has proven to be a great tool to help people cope with their illnesses, including high-performance athletes are high followers of these techniques.

To delve into the benefits of acupuncture -traditional Chinese medicine-, researchers at the Edith Cowan Universityin Australia, the tested in people with diabetes.

For them, they investigated a dozen studies looking at the effects of acupuncture in more than 3,600 people with prediabetes.

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Pre-diabetes is a condition that causes a high level of glucose in the blood, not tall enough enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

After analysis, they identified that the acupuncture significantly improved markers What:

  • Fasting plasma glucose
  • Two-hour plasma glucose
  • glycosylated hemoglobin
  • The incidence of prediabetes decreased.

An important point to explain is that acupuncture therapy does not only use needles, rather, belongs to a large family with various techniques stimulation such as:

  • Light
  • electrical pulses
  • moxibustion

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It is valuable to understand that there are several techniques, since people with diabetes may have skin problems, difficult healing, so in your case, it is not ideal to use these needlesdespite the fact that they are filiform and fine.

How can acupuncture prevent diabetes?

The holistic study – published in the journal Holistic Nursing Practicedetails that diabetes is not only associated with these changes in health indicatorsbut it affects people’s lifestyle.

So if you experience “trouble sleeping, high blood pressure, a lot of stress”acupuncture is a good ally to prevent the development of diabetes.

The lead author of the study, Dr Min Zhang explained that “the best time to prevent type 2 diabetes is now”, since if something is not done, the 93% of people with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes in 20 years.

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