trailer line deemed absurd, Dwayne Johnson reacts to criticism

On the occasion of CinemaCon, Warner took the opportunity to unveil excerpts and trailers of these upcoming films in the DCEU. Among the images that were shown to the journalists present, the latter were able to check out the trailer for black adam with Dwayne Johnson in the lead role. No image of this trailer has leaked, but thanks to the description of it by the press, some fans apparently didn’t understand a line.

No picture, but a fairly complete description

Thus, reading the few information shared by the press who attended the panel and who could see the trailer of black adamwe know that the trailer starts with ships flying over a frozen plain. Black Adam is in a tube of water and declares thathe was a slave when he died and was reincarnated as a god. Another plan shows us Dr. Fate asserting to the character that his powers only wreaked havoc.

We can also discover a sequence in which we are shown Black Adam’s body thrown into a pit when he was a slave then another in which he wakes up from his tomb and kills a team of agents. Another scene follows which takes place in a desert where we can see the character fly and destroy helicopters by crashing them into each other then move away from the explosion. Black Adam also manages to catch a missile to send it back in the direction of his enemies.

Considered absurd, Dwayne Johnson replies

Finally, in a final sequence featuring an action plan from the Justice Society of AmericaBlack Adam confronts Hawkman who throws at him: “There are heroes and villains, heroes don’t kill people” and Black Adam then replies: “Well me, yes!“. And it is this line that has caused problems for some fans.

For these last ones, this line is nonsense because other DCEU characters have already killed as one user pointed out to the actor on Twitter:

wonder woman

They have all killed people, that line doesn’t make any sense

April 27, 2022

“Batman, Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman. They all killed people, that line makes no sense.”

In man of steel, Superman got rid of General Zod. It is true that Batman has a golden rule, that of never killing, but he has already broken it. Of course, this is in no way out of a desire to take a human life, but rather out of necessity.

Following this tweet, Dwayne Johnson wanted to react :

Once you watch Black Adam you’ll understand the context of the line. It makes sense.
The mythology of Teth/Black Adam.
Ruthless with zero regard.

April 27, 2022

“Once you see Black Adam, you’ll understand the context of that sentence. It makes sense. The mythology of Teth/Black Adam.
Ruthless, without any regard.”

Although superheroes are devoted to protecting people, it would seem that this is not the case with Black Adam. For know how the character will be presented to us we just have to wait for the release of the film which is scheduled to arrive in our theaters next October 21 instead of July 27 initially.

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