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Known as the shocking texting suicide case, Hulu’s upcoming original limited series The Girl from Plainville takes on one of the most notorious and media-followed cases of the past decade. Actress Elle Fanning stars in the series as 17-year-old Michelle Carter, an unstable and possibly murderous young woman. she commits crimes “in the name of love” or something like that. A highly anticipated series attempting to pull off the enormous feat of covering a messy and harrowing period of confusion and deception in small-town Massachusetts.

The trailer of The Girl from Plainville presents a dark and sinister world tainted with lies and introduces the actress Elle Fanning as its main character. Fanning transforms into teenage Michelle by donning her “nice” hair, voice, and personality that gradually evaporates in terrifying ways. An extremely controversial case from the get-go, the trailer offers a glimpse into Conrad and Michelle’s relationship and reveals the first fleeting glimpses of the intense trial that earned Michelle worldwide notoriety. Chloë Sevigny and Nobert Leo Butz also highlighting the bereaved Roy family, they point fingers at each other as they try to come to terms with their son’s death and discover the cause of his demise.

Where to see The Girl from Plainville?

The trailer, showing us the tense courtroom scenes, sets the stage for what’s to come as the lawyers argue over whether or not what Michelle did was murder. The advance of The Girl from Plainville, which has already exceeded six million views on YouTube. It has a lot to offer in terms of all the pain and struggle that surrounded the case as it raced toward Michelle Carter’s guilty verdict.

The Girl from Plainville will premiere on the streaming platform Hulu the Tuesday March 29. Starting with the episode, “Star-Crossed Lovers and Things Like That”the series will launch its first three episodes at once. From there, episodes will be released weekly every Tuesday until their finale on May 3. The limited series is available exclusively to watch on Hulu.

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