Trans actress Angelica Ross accuses Emma Roberts of being transphobic

Actress angelica ross This Wednesday he directly accused his colleague. emma roberts, Accused of making transphobic comments on the set of ‘American Horror Story’ seriesTwo years ago.

According to the Page Six portal, Julia Roberts, the Oscar winner’s niece, apparently engaged in “mind games” against her co-star.

The information comes through several videos from Ross, who is a transgender actress, where she describes what a bitter pill she experienced with Roberts.,

“I’m standing in front of Emma, ​​talking to her like this,” Angelica says, standing in front of a mirror. “And he is facing me, his back to the mirror. ‘John (J. Grey, director of several episodes), Angelica is being mean,’ she says. “I know he’s not real, he’s just whatever.”

“And John said, ‘Okay, ladies, that’s enough.’ Let’s get back to work.’ And then he looks at me and says, ‘Don’t you mean ‘just missed?’ And he just turns around and covers his face with his shirt.”,

Although she doesn’t provide further examples regarding Emma Roberts’ alleged transphobia, Ross assured that she didn’t want to say anything at the time that would lead to criticism. Furthermore, she reveals that she never spoke to her co-worker again on the sets of the series, even when they were sharing scenes.

Ross’s statement comes within the framework of the premiere of the new season of ‘American Horror Story’, subtitled Delicate, in which Roberts stars alongside Kim Kardashian.

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