Tremendous tribute! Honduras will have a stadium called Pelé, a FIFA initiative in all countries of the world


The president of the FIFA, Gianni Infantinotraveled to Brazil to be present in Pele’s funeralwhich began this Monday at the Urbano Caldeira del Santos stadium.

The top leader of the world soccer governing body was among the football personalities who came to the South American country to say goodbye to “O Rei”.

During the act, infantino He remained seated in the front row. showing great solidarity with the relatives of the Brazilian star, to whom he did not hesitate to give hugs and words of encouragement.

Also, the owner of the FIFA had time to speak to the media and thus mention the importance of Pele for soccer.

But during his conversation with the media, Gianni Infantino He announced that he will ask all the countries that are part of the FIFA name at least one stadium in honor of the Brazilian, which therefore includes Honduras.

“We are going to ask that all countries in the world have at least one stadium with the name of Pelé so that children know its importance. It is important to make a field where goals are scored, where they play, so that future generations remember who Pelé was,” he said. infantino.

In Catracho territory it is not clear where this tribute could be held, since only two teams (marathon Y grills One) have their own stadium, so Fenafuth You must choose a sports property and then go to the Government to make the name change.

In the same way, this act cannot be carried out in the capital Tegucigalpa, since it should be remembered that in 2022 the venue baptized as National Stadiumwent to called Chelato Uclés Stadiumin honor of the legend of our soccer José de La Paz Herrera.

“Pele is eternal. Pele is a global soccer icon. Pele did a lot of things first in football that 99% can only dream of doing and the other 1% did after Pele. That is why we are here with enormous sadness, but also with joy, the joy of Pelé. Pelé’s smile, ”he added.

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