Trend: Catsuits will raise the crown of fashion during 2022

Although they have been in the sports industry for several decades and as costumes in various films, fashion in the hands of exquisite designers gave catsuits a much more sensual, dramatic and aesthetic turn, putting them on a pedestal as a trend for this 2022.

Little by little, catsuits are managing to dispel stylistic boundaries to become a lifesaver for all seasons. And they are precisely firms of the caliber of Saint Laurent, Carolina Herrera, Gucci and Stella McCartney, who in the framework of the Spring-Summer 2022 and Pre-Fall 2022 seasons have sentenced a prevailing sensuality that is building its own identity on the same canvas.

So much so that, within the fashion trends for the 2022 season that you have to know about, not only do impetuous colors become omnipresent, the unexpected prominence in the back area and miniskirts at their best, catsuits provide the share of audacity that the summer season and the first months of next autumn were undoubtedly in need of.

Where have we seen the catsuit trend?

The fashion trends for 2022 predicted it: catsuits will permeate everywhere with their sensuality. From ACNE Studios with knitted designs that reveal minimal skin, through a body-hugging outfit in Ala├»a’s Spring-Summer collection, to daring cut-out constructions on the runway by London-based designer David Koma and added front slits at the black suits at Balmain.

Even so, if there is a true promoter of catsuits for next season, it is definitely Anthony Vaccarello in his role as creative director for the maison Saint Laurent, who has been in charge of displaying a wide repertoire of designs that outline his predilection for the absolute black, bright red and violet, either with a halter neckline or with deep necklines that find their best version in the cut-out details, one of the most relevant bets of the last two years.

Stella McCartney, on the other hand, was inclined to go up the catwalk catsuits that oscillate between the discretion of black or the brilliant gold that the actress, Sandra Bullock, wore during the premiere of the film ‘The Unforgivable’. Marine Serre opted for the color white and Sportmax for a raw hue with an extremely peaceful character. Carolina Herrera, in her pre-fall 2022 collection, stated that the romantic volumes in the neckline are the best ally of elegant black catsuits.

And since not only will the catsuits live in unison next season, the prints have also given rise to talk in the Spring-Summer 2022 presentations, with Gucci affirming the monogram of the Italian house in its parade in Los Angeles, Lanvin betting for the flowers of restrained size, and Saint Laurent in a much more colossal version with a special predisposition for a chromatic range made up of purple, yellow, pink and lavender blue.

How to wear catsuits in 2022?

Due to its silhouette and the common materials in which it is made, catsuits are one of the most suggestive garments to wear on a special occasion, and also on an evening that deserves it. You can take inspiration from Hailey Bieber’s recent choice to attend a Saint Laurent dinner at Art Basel, where her look was complemented by square-toed slingback heels and carefree waves in her hair. .

It should be noted that when it comes to combining catsuits, stilettos, platforms and pointed sandals are emerging as the big winners in terms of footwear. High-waisted jackets also take center stage on the Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini catwalk to give them a share of nonchalance, while trench coats and midi coats are the ideal ally for incorporating them into everyday life according to Stella McCartney and Rokh.

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