Trial against Don Pedro Rivera comes to an end: this was the jury’s decision

After four days of trial where there were testimonies and evidence, Don Pedro Rivera was declared innocent of the crime of sexual harassment of which Fabiola Ávalos accused him, a former employee

During this week, the trial against the father of Lupillo and Jenni Rivera was resumed, after having stopped the Covid-19 pandemic, in which his legal situation would be determined, after having been denounced for improper touching and unseemly proposals, in addition, of workplace violence by one of his former employees of the record company Cintas Acuario.

The father of the Rivera family was acquitted of 6 of the 7 charges against him, he was only accused of ‘reporting payments (pay stubs)’ because ‘they did not have it duly ordered,’ several US media reported.

Upon leaving the court, Pedro Rivera thanked the media for following his case, without giving further statements about what happened, as he assured that he would soon give interviews about it.

“Thank you for attending this shameful event,” he said before interpreting before the cameras a fragment of a song to celebrate Father’s Day.

Trial against Don Pedro Rivera comes to an end: this was the jury's decision

Fabiola Ávalos worked for almost 20 years at the “Cintas Acuario” label, owned by Pedro Rivera, whom she accused of having unjustly fired her and of sexual harassment. Also in one of the hearings, the woman said that she was inappropriately touched by Jenni Rivera’s father during business hours. She pointed out that she was fired unjustifiably for not having agreed to her intentions: “I came to think that it was because I did not correspond to her intentions.”

She also accused him of having been physically assaulted in front of her family for allegedly leaking information about the Rivera family and humiliating her in the presence of her co-workers. Fabiola Ávalos wanted a compensation of 500 thousand dollars.

Trial against Don Pedro Rivera comes to an end: this was the jury's decision

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