Trick to make the Jade tree grow fast, this is what you should do

The concept of indoor plant, but also of “housewife”, often falls on some types of plants that can still be considered partly “exotic”, but which have actually been part of the normal “furniture” of many houses for a long time. many years. A concrete example is the Jade tree, a highly recognizable plant both for its diffusion and for its structure, and which is part of that genus of plants that not everyone knows in the nomenclature but that they recognize immediately. The jade tree is a simple plant to “care for” but there are various tricks to make it grow better and faster.

How should it be done?

Here is the answer.

Hack to make the Jade tree grow fast: do you know what you have to do?

As can be guessed, it is not something focused on a single behavior but rather a series of tips and tricks that can make this plant grow vigorously and luxuriantly, which, although it is not native to the continental European context (in fact, grows naturally in South Africa). and therefore prefers medium temperatures that are not too humid and hot) remains very versatile, a condition that has allowed it to establish itself in Italy as well. It was among the most common balcony and garden plants for a good part of the second half of the 20th century, at least until the 1980s, and it is still very easy to find today, also because it is possible to reproduce it by cutting it, that is, by burying a twig. resistant of an already cultivated plant.

We must remember to replicate as much as possible the natural habitat, as far as possible, of the plant known as Crassula Ovata (ovate due to the obviously oval shape of the leaves), but also in relation to the type of food.

Starting from the temperatures, being a South African plant, it is not used to big changes in temperature, the ideal is between 18 and 25 degrees, and although it resists without too many problems even up to 10-12 degrees, it gets sudden changes. put it in difficulties and slow down its growth.

In particular, drafts must be avoided and also too strong sun, such as in summer. However, it must be remembered that the plant needs light, at least 4-5 hours a day, even in winter, it is absolutely necessary to move it in the case of a potted plant close to light, even filtered.

It is also important to understand how to water correctly, being a succulent plant, therefore a fat plant, even without the traditional thorns, it must be watered gradually, but sustained only when the soil is completely dry, avoiding wetting the leaves. . that can rot

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