Tricks to identify the undertone of your skin

    Do you arrive at a makeup store and do not know how to identify your exact shade beyond the old doll trick? As much as you try and try, can’t you get red lipsticks to look good on you? don’t know whether to ask cool or warm wicks? Well, calm down because when you finish reading this article, all those unknowns will be cleared up forever. How? Helping you identify the exact undertone of your skinwhich is precisely the most accurate guide for you to know, once and for all, what colors and undertones harmonize your features and balance your natural beauty.

    How to identify the undertone of your skin

    Before we start, you have to know that we are faced with a choice between three types: warm undertone, cool undertone or neutral undertone. All of them have a series of characteristics -luckily, quite recognizable-, which will be in charge of guiding you towards the answer. From now on, your makeup bases, your color makeovers, and your lipsticks, blushes, and eye shadows you will be much better.

    The visible tone of your skin

    The first thing you are going to do is remove your make-up, stand in front of a mirror and make sure there is natural light. Take a good look, beyond the ‘flesh color’… What tone do you sense? If you see it in front of you it’s something like one gold, one yellow and even a tone that reminds to the peachthe safest thing is that be warm. If, on the contrary, you see one pink, one red or something more similar to blue and derivativesare clearly cold. Can’t you perceive one in particular but a mixture of several or an unidentified color? then it is likely that be neutralas actress Chirssy Teigen.

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    IMPORTANT NOTE: The darkness of our skin It has nothing to do with the undertone of it. There are warm and cold skins perfectly compatible with pigment saturation of each one. A highly visible example is that of Rihanna and Beyoncé. Although both have dark skin, Rihanna has a cool undertone and Beyoncé has a warm one. We close parentheses and continue.

    The white and beige test

    The second test, because one does not give an accurate result, requires you to stand in front of the mirror. This time, get closer to the face a pure white t-shirt (even an A4 sheet of the same color) and remove it repeatedly. See how your face changes? If when you approach the piece of white cloth you see your complexion yellow, you are warm. If you perceive it pink or red, you are cold. If you don’t have it very clear because it doesn’t change too much, neutral.

    Now try alternating the white t-shirt with a beige or cream. Does your skin light up, expression lines fade and, in general, do you look prettier? So you’re not cold at all, but VERY warm, like Blake Lively.

    warm skin

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    How is your summer tan?

    Did you know the way you tan in summer is a fairly reliable indicator of the undertone to which you belong? If you get brown easilywarm. if you burn fast, cold. Yes you burn but then you tan, neutral. As simple as that.

    the color of your veins

    Veins are also great allies for image consultants and ‘personal shopper’ when it comes to finding the undertone of their clients. In this case, check the color of the ones on your neck and sometimes on your face as well. The ones on the wrist are not as reliable, although they will reinforce your answer. Yes you have green veins, you are warm. If on the contrary, they are blue, cold. In case you perceive a mixture of both, again, neutral.

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    What your skin and your eyes say about you

    In general, and although this test is not as reliable as the previous ones, skin type and eye color they also largely determine your undertone. On the one hand, girls with a warm skin undertone They usually have slightly darker skin but also eyes. Instead, girls with cold undertones They tend to be paler and with light eyes, like Emma Stone.

    The jewel test

    Finish by reinforcing your theory with the so-called ‘jewel test’. For this you will need gold and silver jewelry or costume jewelry. Which one suits you best? The golden? So you are warm. Yes it is the silver one, coldand if you see yourself as a goddess empowered with both, then you’re neutral, like Madelaine Petsch.

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    How to find makeup based on my skin undertone

    And now that you know everything, you just have to search makeup bases, lipstick shades and highlights Bare undertone chords. Namely, warm, cold or neutral depending on the result. Krash Kosmetics, the Spanish make-up firm that is sweeping the networks, has just launched a very interesting product focused precisely on getting you right with your choice. It is a collection of sun powder whose wide range includes all kinds of subtones, specified by the firm itself for your comfort.

    As can be seen in the image, the upper bronzer, shade ‘Power Button’, is cold. While the lower one, which is the ‘Ay Mami’ tone, is clearly warm. Again, don’t look at clarity or pigment intensity, there are dark and light bronzers for both undertones and you can find them all on Amazon.

    To find the perfect makeup base, many firms do their part and usually specify whether it is a warm, cold or neutral one. But… Imagine that you have found your perfect shade in one brand and want to try another product from another? Then we recommend ‘Findation’, a website that finds your ‘matches’ based on the exact tone of the one you are using and works with your skin.

    And… what about lipsticks? Why do some ‘nude’ looks good on you and others don’t? Or why can’t I look pretty with the red lipstick that, supposedly, suits everyone? This is because you are not betting on a neutral red or, in any case, on one of your undertones. neutral red lipsticks are those that gather the same percentage of blue particles as orange ones, while the warm and/or cold concentrate only one of the two groups. Look, for example, how well it looks through these two Dior lipsticks.

    The one on the left, the shade ‘Red Smile Satin’, is warm. The one on the right, ‘Adore Satin’, is cold. Bet on one or the other depending on the undertone of your skin and you will hallucinate.

    With highlights and dyes The same thing happens, although in this case it is easier to get it right, since we usually have the advice of the expert behind our change. However, the same rule applies. If you are warm, a platinum blonde is not going to look as good on you as a ‘expensive blonde’ or a mermaid gold. If you are cold, change the cinnamon or hazelnut for a chestnut type ‘bronde’ and even with mahogany nuances. It doesn’t fail.

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    Do you already have it clear? Well, go out and shine from now and forever.

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