Trouble between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez? A fan will be in the spotlight


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are one of the most jealous couples in the world, despite them being in trouble because of a fan.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are one of the most envied couples Despite being in trouble in the world because of one fan. The love story of these Hollywood legends is the most beautiful, this second chance they got has taken them to the top of gossip magazines. These days they are involved in a viral controversy that has sent a fan and Jennifer Lopez reaction into a storm, causing a crisis between this beautiful couple.

A fan will be at the center of the crisis between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck is one of the most handsome men in the world, Jennifer Lopez is well aware of this, she knows that her husband arouses passion wherever he goes. A quiet dinner among friends can become a source of distress that can persist between the couple.

In a video that quickly went viral We see the couple leaving a restaurant. These are two celebrities who do not hesitate to even leave the house to enjoy their love. Therefore, they are always at the mercy of their followers for whatever they do, who accompany them everywhere. It is normal to have great expectations when they arrive at a restaurant or establishment.

On this occasion, Affleck is the one who gets all the praise., Jennifer Lopez’s followers who personally influence her are more discreet or not as adventurous. A fan did not hesitate to look at Ben Affleck, who was out to dinner with his wife, when he encountered a compliment that surprised him.

The fan straight up told him ‘she wanted him’ A phrase you should hear often in ‘I love her’ is more fantasy than reality. What is not so common anymore is that Jennifer Lopez herself responds to the requests of her fans. half joke JLo didn’t hesitate to tell this woman: ‘Go away, bitch.’

A phrase that we are not used to hearing, although in the case of Jennifer Lopez it may be common in some of her jokes. The smiles they made and the jokes they made about it showed that this was not a crisis, but a way of diverging from the norm.

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