Trouble in paradise? Mariana González rejects kiss to Vicente Fernández Jr | VIDEO

What a scandal they staged Mariana Gonzalez Padilla and Vicente Fernandez Jr. with a new video that it was not only uncomfortable for her followers, but also raised alarms that there could be problems in paradise and that is that although they show off their love on social networks, the one also known as “Kim Kardashian Mexicana” rejected a kiss from his partnersomething that aroused a new controversy in the dynasty.

The moment that already aroused the concern of the followers of the businesswoman and the fans of Vicente Fernandez Jr.was shared through the Instagram stories of Mariana Gonzalezwho, noticing her partner’s intention to kiss her, retired and continued singing as if nothing had happened, since the lovers enjoyed a palenque to enjoy the talent of Remmy Valenzuela, when the controversial moment occurred.

Through her Instagram account and throughout the night, the influencer also shared details of the palenque with the best moments, as well as videos singing great hits at the top of her lungs and, of course, photos with the member of the Fernández Dynasty could not be missing. , who at all times was very affectionate and smiling.

A few days ago the couple enjoyed a luxurious vacation. (Photo: File)

However, in one of the stories, when Mariana Gonzalez It was being recorded, he approached Vicente Fernández Jr, who immediately wanted to show all his love to his partner with a kiss; However, she was left with the desire, because the businesswoman quickly turned her face away from her to avoid being kissed. Something that also called attention is that in that same video He blew a kiss at the camera and approached his sister, who accompanied them all night, a gesture that raised doubts as to whether there is trouble in paradise.

Despite the awkward moment, it may be that everything is a misunderstanding and carelessness, since in the rest of the videos the couple looks more in love and happier than ever, sharing an intimate moment while enjoying the palenque. Even in another part of the night, Vicente Fernández Jr had the privilege of kissing his beloved.

Therefore, the businesswoman’s gesture was probably not intentional, especially after luxurious vacation that the couple had a few days ago on the paradisiacal beaches of the Colombian coast, where in addition to showing off their love and how in love they are, Mariana González surprised with the perfect figure by modeling micro bikinis with which she highlighted her curves.


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