Trump: For the world to be at peace, a strong United States is needed

Former US President Donald Trump called it an “atrocity” and “shame” that Russia is “decimating” the Ukrainians and noted that for “the world to be at peace, a strong United States is needed” and not one ” weak” like the current one.

Trump spoke like this at the close of the penultimate day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which has been held in Orlando (central Florida) since Thursday, February 24.

In a speech with a script copied from those of his electoral rallies, the former president stressed that “losing is not an option” for Republicans in the 2022 or 2024 midterm elections and that they not only “have a duty to win” but to ensure that the electoral process is not “rigged”.

Throughout almost an hour and a half of speech, Trump spoke of the “great job”, in his words, that he did as president (2017-2021) and of the “chaos” and “disaster” caused by Democrat Joe Biden, and made promises for when he is back in power, although without expressly saying that he seeks to be a candidate in 2024.

As he said, Biden has caused “more damage” in just 13 months in the White House than “the five worst presidents of the United States combined.”


Speaking of Ukraine, he insisted again that if he were now in the White House, which, he said, was prevented by “rigged” elections in 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have made the “cruel” decision to invade that country.

He praised the “brave” Ukrainians who are defending their country from the “assault on humanity”, as he described the Russian action, and boasted of having been the toughest US president with Russia, despite the “hoaxes”. ” (fake news) that, according to what he said, were spilled by “dishonest” media about his supposed soft spot for Putin.

As he said, with George W. Bush in the Presidency, Russia invaded Georgia; with Barack Obama, Crimea, and with Joe Biden, Ukraine.

“I am the only American president of the 21st century in whose mandate Russia has not invaded another country,” he asserted, before pointing out that if he had been in charge of the United States, it would have been “very easy for him to stop this” and criticize the “weak sanctions” imposed by “dumb leaders”.

Before an enthusiastic audience that applauded and chanted slogans, the Republican leader did not stop criticizing the US president, Joe Biden, and his Administration, while promising to reverse all his “pathetic” and “harmful” policies.


“We did it twice (the 2020 “rigged” election counted as a victory) and we will do it a third time,” he said to loud applause.

One of the many things he promised was to complete the wall on the border with Mexico in three weeks to stop “millions of illegal immigrants” from entering the country.

In this speech, Trump recovered much of the rhetoric he used in the 2020 election campaign, including the slogan “Make America Great Again” and references to Hillary Clinton, his rival two years ago, to “drain the swamp.” of Washington and to keep China at bay, which, according to what he said, will demand the payment of millions as responsible for the covid-19 pandemic.

He promised to restore energy independence and border security that he said have been lost in the US due to Biden’s policies in the barely 13 months he has been in power.

Also make the Americans regain “confidence” in their country, “restore” the economy, make amends to the military for having been “humiliated” with the “surrender” in Afghanistan and get the US to be respected everywhere again the world.


The former president repeatedly referred to Biden and his government as “evil” and “corrupt” and at the same time as “stupid”, “weak” and “incompetent”.

He elaborated when talking about the “persecution” of which he said he is a victim, along with his family, relatives and his followers and criticizing the “dishonest” media and social networks that vetoed him.

“They are going to come for me, because I am standing here for you,” he stressed in an apparent reference to the investigations he is the subject of both for business reasons and for the assault on the Capitol by a crowd of like-minded followers who wanted to prevent him from being certify Biden’s electoral victory.

At the end, he urged Americans to inflict on the Democrats such “notorious defeats” in the 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential elections that they “can never return” to power.

Americans, he assured, “are not going to give up their borders, their culture, their faith, their values, their history and their freedom.”

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