Trump sues CNN for defamation, demanding $475 million

Former US President Donald Trump sued CNN on Monday, accusing it of defaming him out of fear the Republican will run for president again in 2024, demanding $475 million in damages.

CNN, one of the main television networks in the United States “tried to use its enormous influence – as a ‘trusted’ source of information – to smear the whistleblower before its viewers and readers with the purpose of defeating him politically,” according to the complaint of 29 pages filed in Florida.

“As part of its concerted effort to tip the political scales to the left, CNN sought to tarnish the whistleblower with a series of increasingly outrageous, false and defamatory labels of ‘racism’, ‘Russian lackey’, ‘insurrectionist’ and finally ‘Hitler,'” the complaint states.

Trump claims $475 million in damages.

Throughout his term, the former Republican president had a terrible relationship with large American media such as CNN and The New York Times, which he baptized as creators of “fake news” (false information). Trump generally attacked them via Twitter, a network from which he was subsequently banned.

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