Try These 11 Morning Mantras to See a Change

Every day when the sun rises again, we have the gift of starting a new day, of seeing our problems as a thing of the past, with different experiences and the possibility of a fresh start. And what better way to start than with psychologically and spiritually powerful phrases that change the atmosphere of our day when heard, said or repeated: that’s what morning mantras are for.

What we have no doubt about today is the power of the mind, and the ability we have to be able to reprogram our brains when those tough days come when we feel discouraged, unmotivated and Our mind gets filled with negative thoughts.

What is mantra?

Affirmations and commands can help us attract everything we want into our lives, they are thoughts of success and happiness that will remind our brains of all the things we are capable of.

There is no limit to our goals and desires, just like the vows we decide to make, our positive mental energy will accompany us throughout the day, and guide our path towards our objectives. Our minds are scattered and rebellious by nature, so give us a moment to breathe. Being aware of your breath and thoughts is not only important, but necessary.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, mantras (whose etymology means “instruments for the mind”) are sounds that are repeated or sung in a meditative state: surely you know the famous “ommmmm” and psychology has called them a Also adopted as a word or phrase, the repetition of which can have a great effect on a person.

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Our Favorite Morning Mantras

Taking just 5 minutes to ourselves in the morning, consciously taking deep breaths and saying these morning mantras, can change our day. Saying these affirmations leaves no room for our negative thoughts and freeing ourselves from them will reduce our stress and anxiety, increase our energy and connect us to the present.

With this connection we will be able to identify ourselves and fill ourselves with confidence, this is very important in our day to day life, because confidence is the pure energy that comes from within, makes us shine and tells the universe what we are. and be whatever we want because, as Ariana Grande would say: I want this, I got this.

Money, love, work, health, friends, abundance, gratitude… limits don’t exist, we can decide whatever we want, here are some morning mantras you can incorporate into your daily routine:

  • i try to be the best version of myself
  • I am a person full of enthusiasm and energy.
  • I am able to achieve my goals and dreams
  • I always attract positive and creative people into my life.
  • I focus on solutions rather than problems.
  • I am free from my fear and feel full of confidence
  • I let myself feel and let all my feelings flow
  • my higher self guides me and the universe is on my side
  • I am and I attract positive emotions
  • i only attract healthy relationships
  • Universe, I open the doors for you to fill my life with beautiful things

It doesn’t have to be just in the morning, we can say these mantras throughout the day, repeating these affirmations will help us focus our mind, we can say them silently, aloud, mentally… There are no rules. The point is to connect with them to free yourself from the mind, relax, enjoy where we are, what we have, and start living a calmer and more fulfilling life.

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