Tsunami on the island of Tonga after volcano eruption. The videos. Usa, alert on the West Coast

Rome, January 15, 2022 – One tsunami crashed on the island of Tonga. “A 1.2 meter high wave was observed in Nukualofa,” reports the Australian Meteorological Office in a tweet. It is the consequence of the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Hàapai underwater volcanowhich returned to snort just hours after a tsunami warning issued yesterday following a first eruption was lifted. The maximum recorded height of the waves following yesterday’s eruption was 30 centimeters. Today the impact was much more violent. The capital of Tonga is located 65 kilometers north of the volcano. The rash was very powerful and lasted about 8 minutes. It was so strong that they heard it as far as the Fiji Islandswrites the BBC, reporting the statements of the authorities in the capital Suva. The Fijian government has not only raised the alarm, but has also opened shelters for people living on the coast.

Tonga: from the satellite, the eruption of the volcano that triggered the tsunami (Ansa)

Usa, alert on the West Coast

A tsunami warning was issued throughout the west coast of the United States (from California to Alaska) from the US National Tsunami Warning Center. Meteorological services also warned of possible flooding in the Hawaiian Islands (where the waves then hit)while an alert was also issued for the province of British Columbia in Canada.

The videos

Some videos posted on social media show the water arriving on the island of Tonga violently, on the mainland, dragging cars away and crashing into houses.

From infrared satellite

The map

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