Tudanca asks for Medicine for Burgos in the middle of the Salamanca-León ‘fight’

The possibility that León has a Faculty of Medicine, as Salamanca and Valladolid already have, has ignited spirits among the universities themselves, something unusual. The Leonese aspiration was questioned last Thursday by the rector of the Salamanca Study, Ricardo Rivero, who called the request “thoughtless”, since a center in which future doctors are trained is “extraordinarily difficult to deploy and expensive”. For this reason, he considered that the Leonese request is based on “ignoring that resources are scarce” and assured that it is not feasible to start up a new Faculty of Medicine when the one in Salamanca “needs staff reinforcements”, among other things.

“I want more resources for the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Salamanca, and León to invest in Veterinary”, Rivero finished, a statement to which the rector of the University of León, Francisco García Marín, replied yesterday, who came out in defense of his proposal and, incidentally, of the institution he directs. “Do we little ones have to resign ourselves to always being little?”, Asked the Leonese, while arguing that “Salamanca has more degrees than Burgos and León together”, referring to the two public universities that have fewer students in the region. For this reason, Garcia Marin raised the debate on how degrees can be distributed among the different centerss in the Community «and not only Medicine», taking into account that there was in the past an agreement between the Board and the universities to limit the growth of degrees whose validity has already expired.

In addition, he denied that it is a “thoughtless” proposal. Moreover, he explained that they have been “for a few years thinking about how and in what way” a Faculty of Medicine can be installed in their institution. He also came out against the argument from Salamanca that his center needs reinforcement: «The problems they have in Medicine are from accredited professors. That is, from doctors with accreditation, but that is not solved with money alone. With the controversy open, it is the Junta de Castilla y León who has to make a decision, García Marín stressed, while “Ricardo Rivero’s statements are his statements,” he settled.

But the matter was not left alone in the university sphere, but at the same time that it is being debated whether or not it is appropriate for León to have a degree in Medicine, The general secretary of the PSOE of Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, entered the scene. to announce that his party will propose in Parliament that the Board initiate the procedures so that the University of Burgos also has a degree in Medicine. And it is that this teaching is one of the ‘jewels’ of academic institutions due to the large number of students they concentrate. The socialist leader, who is also from Burgos, considered that ‘his’ capital “deserves” to have a faculty given that it has “the capacity to receive it” and, in addition, there are “deficiencies in the public health system,” reports Ical.

In this line, pointed out that it is a “unanimous demand” of Burgos society, and he recalled that until the elections it was also a request from the Board’s Health Minister, Alejandro Vázquez, born in the same province. But the truth is that in his last statements, the head of Health left the door practically closed to new centers of this type. In fact, he has requested that the accreditation criteria be lowered to be a professor in the faculties of Medicine before proposing that there be more faculties in the Community. For her part, the other councilor who has powers in this matter, Rocío Lucas, head of Education, assured that “as the president already expressed in parliamentary headquarters, the Board supports the legitimate aspirations of all universities as long as they prove quality and agreement exists.”

«There is a regulated and rigorous procedure to implement new degrees. On the other hand, the real problem is in the MIR positions, since there are 5,000 graduates unable to practice due to lack of specialization. For this reason, we have requested an extraordinary call », he concluded on the same day that the León City Council approved requesting the Faculty of Medicine for the city in plenary session.

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