Tuscany, doctors alert in the emergency room: 60 could change ward

After the alarms of the trade unions and doctors’ orders on the shortage of about one hundred doctors in the emergency rooms in Tuscany, now the emergency sector may be facing a point of no return: one 60 emergency doctors from our region have left Simeuthe Italian Society of Emergency Medicine, to enroll in Simi, the Italian Society of Internal Medicine. A step that could mean that they are planning to change discipline and go to work in a less stressful department. The non-automatic mechanism, the reasons for the change of signs can be the most varied. But the suspicion that many of the sixty may compete strongly at the opening of the next calls for tenders for internal medicine.The concern is there – says Professor Marcello Pastorelli, Tuscan president of Simeu and professor of emergency medicine at the University of Siena – We are literally facing the “danger of extinction” of the doctor but also of the emergency medicine nurse, both in the emergency room and in the 118. National errors in the programming of specialization schools have led to an unbridgeable shortage of professionals in the sector. Thus, the emergency rooms are understaffed and those who remain, with workloads that become heavier, often come to burn out, can’t take it anymore and throw in the towel. In the past two years, there have already been cases of specialists who have resigned, in particular to become family doctors, but in Tuscany the numbers, except for the case of Florence where the defections were greater, were not very high. Now for the risk that the system really blows.

The risk is a domino effect in which one discharge brings with it many others. In a note, released on behalf of Simeu, Pastorelli explains that in 2019 one and a half million visits were counted in the Tuscan emergency rooms. This growing number of cases does not appear to be comparable, in terms of work volume, to that of any other specialist, also in consideration of the high number of holiday and night shifts necessary to support, in the absence of personnel, the system that responds 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The Covid-19 pandemic emergency has made the situation even more critical and demanding. Added to this is the problem of boarding, the workload made up of patients already treated, waiting to be admitted to the ward, but who remain in the emergency room because there are no beds available.. For this reason, faced with the difficulty of finding specialists on the market, Simeu asks the Region to reform the emergency urgency, not only by strengthening the territory to reduce access and increasing the number of beds available to reduce boarding, but also by creating more streamlined routes. to manage minor codes. And for this reason he asks for the management of non-critical cases to be entrusted to other hospital specialists.

On the subject of personnel in the health systemalso comes the lunge of FP CISL against the Region: the regional councilor for Health Simone Bezzini would have said that the assumptions made are too manythat health care costs have risen precisely due to personnel costs and that from now on, instead of hiring, we must proceed with the reorganizations with what we have – thunders the regional secretary Mauro Giuliattini – We remain speechless. So territorial health care, health homes, family nurses, prevention, all at no cost? And in June we will not have staff to guarantee the operators’ holidays in peace.

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May 14, 2022 | 11:20


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