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Today, Hideo Kojima He has remained somewhat silent regarding the new projects that he has in his hands, beyond what was shown a short time ago in relation to the actress Elle Fanning. And now, it seems that this silence could end in a few days, given that something has just been published on their social networks that would be linked to PlayStation.

That’s right, on the platform Twittera photo was uploaded in which he himself Kojima is with the president of PlayStation, and that has immediately led to fans speculating about a new exclusive. This includes the second part of Death Strandinga project that is already in production as mentioned months ago by the norman Reedus.

Here some of the comments:

The God and the Devil (2022)

Ready for Death Stranding 2

My boys together! Wow!

let me buy you senpai

Let’s go! New partnership with PlayStation Studios?

Ready for the greatness we will make together

Show Death Stranding 2 then

Playstation and Kojima are family

For now, there is no date for the next projects of Kojima Productions. So we will have to wait until further news.

Via: Twitter


Publisher’s note: This photo could mean everything and nothing at the same time, so I strongly suggest keeping expectations to a minimum. Well, if in the end it’s nothing, at least you’ll already have that in mind beforehand.

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