TV Guide Friday 22 October 2021 tonight’s programs on TV today

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TV Guide Friday 22 October 2021

What’s on TV tonight? There TV Guide for Friday 22 October 2021 with the programs of the first 9 channels and the subdivision between TV series and free-to-air and pay movies. New appointments for Tale and Which on Rai 1, Grande Fratello Vip on Canale 5, The Good Doctor and The Resident on Rai 2, on Rai 3 Hammamet in first viewing.

Rai 1
18:50 hours The legacy
8:00 pm Tg 1
20:30 The usual unknown
21:25 Such and what Show 2021
00:00 Tv7

Rai 2
5.15 pm Italy – Croatia women’s qual. world cup
19:40 NCIS 15 × 15
20:30 Tg2
21:05 TG 2 Post
21:20 hours The Good Doctor 4 × 13 1st Tv
10:05 pm The Resident 3 × 04 1st Tv
23:00 Dante Confidential

Rai 3
19:30 TG R
8:00 pm Blob
20:20 hours What Next?
20:45 A Place in the Sun
21:20 hours Hammamet 1st tv
Convicted of corruption and illegal financing with a final judgment, Bettino Craxi left Italy and lived the last seven years of his life in the Tunisian town of Hammamet, which gets sicker every year. The epilogue of the human and political story of the socialist leader.
23:30 Blob

Channel 5
18:50 hours Free fall
20:00 Tg5
20:35 Strip the news (show)
21:45 GF Vip 6
01:25 Tg5

Italy 1
19:30 CSI 13
20:30 NCIS 4
21:20 hours Peppermint – The angel of vengeance 1st Tv
Action-thriller with Jennifer Garner. Riley survived an assassination attempt in which her husband Chris and daughter Carlie lost their lives. Now he will seek revenge.
23:30 Just for vengeance
A quiet teacher’s life is turned upside down when his wife is raped by a stranger. With Nicolas Cage

Network 4
19:40 hours Storm of love 1st Tv
20:30 Italy tonight – Info
9.30 pm Fourth Degree
00:51 The Enemy Within 1 × 06 1st Tv

18:00 Ghost Whisperer
8:00 pm TgLa7
20:30 On air
21:20 Live propaganda
00.45 am Tg

Tv8 (Sky 125)
19:30 Alessandro Borghese – Rich Dish 1st tv
20:25 Guess My Age 1st Tv
9.30 pm Gomorrah 4 × 07-08
23:30 Masterchef 10 × 13-14

Nine (Sky 149)
19:30 Hells Kitchen
20:30 Deal with It 1a Tv
21:30 Brothers of Crozza 1st Tv
22:50 The 1st tv confession

TV Series and Movies on TV – TV Guide Friday 22 October 2021

The TV series in the clear

  • Rai Premium (ch. 25 dtt 15 TivùSat) at 21:10 Until the last beat 1 × 09-10
  • Yellow (ch. 38 dtt and Tivùsat 167 Sky) 9.20 pm Inspector Barnaby
  • Top Crime (ch. 39 dtt and TivùSat 168 Sky) at 21:10 Chicago PD 7 × 13-14

The TV Series on Sky / Premium Channels

  • Sky Atlantic (ch. 110 sat and 455 dtt pay) at 9.15 pm The Son 1 × 03-04 1st Tv
  • Sky Series (ch. 112) 9.15 pm Outlander 3 × 04-05
  • Sky Investigation (ch. 114) 9.15 pm The Equalizer 1 × 07-08 1st Tv
  • Fox (ch. 116) at 21:00 How I Met Your Mother 9 × 07-08-09-10
  • PremiumCrime (ch. 118) at 9.15 pm Animal Kingdom 5 × 03 1st Tv
  • Premium Stories (ch 126) at 9.15 pm God Friended Me 2 × 09-10
  • Premium Action (ch 128) 9.15 pm The Originals 4 × 09-10
  • the F (ch. 135) at 21:10 Gentleman Jack 1 × 06-07

If you are looking for streaming TV series, here you will find our catalogs by platform:

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  2. Here for the Prime Video catalog
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  5. Click here for the Infinity catalog
  6. Here for the TIMVISION catalog
  7. Click here for the Sky Box Sets and NowTV catalog
  8. Here for the Disney + catalog

Free-to-air movies

20 (ch. 20 dtt and TivùSat 151 Sky) at 21:10 Godzilla
A quiet teacher’s life is turned upside down when his wife is raped by a stranger. With Nicolas Cage

Rai 4 (ch. 21 dtt – 10 TivùSat) at 21:20 Maze Runner – The Revelation
Thomas leads his fellow rebels to the labyrinthine and legendary Last City, the WCKD outpost where the boys think the cruel Ava Paige has imprisoned their friend Minho.

Iris (ch. 22 dtt, 11 Tivùsat 325 Sky) at 21:10 Inspector Callaghan, the Scorpio case is yours
A serial killer is wanted by Inspector Callaghan, who resorts to the unorthodox ways of private justice.

Rai Movie (call 24 dtt 14 TivùSat) at 21:10 A question of Karma
Giacomo is the rich heir of a dynasty of industrialists, but he prefers to devote his mind to thoughts and daydreams. An esotericist will change his life by telling him that he has identified the current reincarnation of his father, who died when he was still small: it would be Mario, a young man indebted to half the city.

Sky (ch. 26 dtt 19 Tivùsat 156 Sky) at 21:10 Son de mar
Martina and Ulysses meet and get married, shortly after he disappears and Martina remarries a rich suitor, but one day Ulysses reappears. A classic from Bigas Luna

Paramount Network (ch. 27 dtt and Tivùsat 158 ​​Sky) at 21:10 Garage Sale Mistery – The death chamber
Adrian is a real estate agent, friend of Jennifer, who has to sell a 19th century villa that is said to be cursed. To deny the rumors she decides to spend the night there, but the next morning she is found dead. Jennifer suspects it is murder and begins to investigate.

Tv2000 (call 28 dtt 156 Sky) at 20:50 Do not be afraid
Film about John Paul II

La5 (ch.30 dtt 12 Tivùsat 159 Sky) at 21:10 Rosamunde Pilcher: I’ll start over with you
Mina and her son are invited to spend a few days in Oland. Here Mina will find the courage to give a new direction to her life

Cine 34 (ch. 34 dtt and Tivùsat 327 Sky) at 21:10 The honorable with the lover under the bed
A beautiful teacher, J. Agren, who has lost her job, turns to an honorable lover, L. Banfi, to get him back.

Italy 2 (ch. 66 dtt 16 TivùSat 175 Sky) at 21:20 Unfriended Dark Web 1st tv
Matias finds a folder on his PC that he stole from the bar where he works. Together with his friends he opens it and is catapulted into the Dark Web.

Spike (ch. 49 dtt 26 Tivusat 169 Sky) at 21:30 Revenge and redemption
A five-man gang known as the Rat Pack robs the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas for over $ 100 million. Four of them are soon captured, while one barely escapes …

Pay Sky / Premium movies

Cinema One (ch. 301) 9.15 pm Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows
Holmes and Watson investigate attacks that are making Europe bloodied; 2011 version of Guy Ritchie

Cinema Two (ch. 302) 9.15 pm Rock ‘n Roll
2017 French film starring Marion Cotillard, a 40-year-old actor in crisis, after a critical judgment does everything to look younger

Cinema Collection (ch. 303) 9.15 pm Greenland
2020 film, an engineer and his family must travel to a bunker in Greenland to save themselves from the imminent impact of a comet

Cinema Family (ch. 304) at 21:00 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Final chapter of the saga, Harry must find and destroy the horcruxes, returns to Hogwarts but Voldemort has discovered the mission (GBR 2011)

Cinema Action (ch. 305) at 21:00 Lucky Day
Revenge movie, after 2 years in prison for robbery, a man has to deal with the brother of his former accomplice who died during the heist

Suspenseful cinema (ch. 306) at 21:00 Long Weekend
A weekend at the beach turns into a fight against nature (2008 Australian film)

Romance cinema (ch. 307) at 21:00 The ghost bride
Supernatural romantic comedy, Henry turns to a medium to talk to his dead girlfriend, but falls in love with the psychic

Cinema Drama (ch. 308) at 21:00 The Mattarella crime
The reconstruction of the mafia murder of Piersanti Mattarella in 1980

Comedy cinema (ch. 309) at 21:00 welcome to the South
Comedy blockbuster about a Milanese employee transferred to the south for punishment

Premium Cinema 1 9.15 pm The Keeper
Steven Seagal is a policeman who with a colleague breaks into the lair of some traffickers. The stolen money will trigger a fight between the two.

Premium Cinema 2 9.15 pm Sully
Directed and Oscar-winning cast for the engaging reconstruction of the historic feat of the pilot who made a heroic landing on the Hudson.

Premium Cinema 3 9.15 pm Fausto & Furio
Parody of the Fast and Furious saga. Two friends inherit the family business: a workshop. But they don’t know anything about engines.

For all the other Films, Documentaries of the Sky channels, here the TV Guide

Tonight on TV TV Guide Friday 22 October 2021 – Shows, Sports and documentaries

  • Rai 5 (ch. 23 dtt 13 TivùSat) 9.20 pm Art Night
  • Real Time (ch. 31 dtt and TivùSat 160 Sky) at 21:20 Bake Off Italia 1st tv
  • Focus (ch 35 dtt 60 Tivùsat 414 Sky) 9.15 pm Mach 2 The legend of the concorde 1aTV
  • DMAX (ch. 52 dtt, 28 TivùSat 170 Sky) 9:25 pm Engineering Impossible 1a Tv
  • Mediaset Extra (ch. 55 dtt 17 Tivùsat 163 Sky) Direct GF Vip
  • Sky One (ch. 108 Sat and 455 dtt pay) 9.15 pm Four weddings + The Royals 1aTv
  • Sky Art (ch. 120/400) 9.15 pm Citizen Jane Battle for the City 1st tv
  • Sky Documentaries (ch 122/402) 9.15 pm Nilde Iotti The time of women
  • Sky Nature (ch 124/404) 9.15 pm Wild Puppies 1st tv
  • Blaze (ch. 127) at 21:00 Lego Masters Australia 1st tv
  • Comedy Central (ch. 129) at 21:00 Made in the south
  • MTV (ch. 131) 8.45pm Jut Tattoo of Us USA + 10pm Jersey Shore Family Vacation
  • Red shrimp (ch 132) 9:30 pm Giorgione on the way
  • Sky Sport One 20:30 Alessandria – Crotone
  • Sky Sports Soccer / Dazn 8.45pm Sampdoria – Spezia
  • Sky Sport Football 9:00 pm Arsenal – Aston Villa

Movies, TV series, Documentaries always available in streaming on Netflix, Amazon, TIMVISION, NowTV / SkyOnDemand, Infinity

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