TV Guide October 3: The bastards of Pizzofalcone, Che tempo che fa, Seriously


Here are the prime time appointments for Sunday 3 October 2021: what will you watch? Who do you think will win the #AscoltiTv tender? Please let us know that we will comment with you from 10 on with #AscoltiTv by Radiosoap.

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Rai 1, 9.25pm: The bastards of Pizzofalcone

3 × 3 – Rose: When he finds himself involved in a heinous murder, one of the Bastards must deal with the demons of his past. Without the possibility of asking for help from his friends and colleagues, since not even he knows whether or not he is guilty of the murder …

Rai2, 9.00 pm: NCIS Los Angeles – 1st TV

Aloud: Following the death of Bellamy, a Navy reservist killed in cold blood, the team discovers that the victim had access to a range of officers’ personal data and that he intended to sell this information to the highest bidder. A more than credible motive for the crime. The case becomes complicated when our people learn that Dr. Natalie Chan, a Chinese scientist researcher of the Navy, who was developing a top secret project and whose data was violated by Bellamy, is currently unavailable. Meanwhile, Deeks undergoes the interview to enter the Academy …

Rai2, 9.50 pm: NCIS New Orleans – 1st TV

7 × 05 In the hands to make mistakes. Part 1: Alongside a special commission set up by the mayor, Pride finds itself having to find the right solution to the problems that afflict the city, relating to discrimination and racism. Definitely not an easy task. And then there is always the field work. This time the team is dealing with a somewhat mysterious case. Space Center keeper Stennis, NASA’s largest rocket engine test center, was found dead, crushed by a car. But despite what one might think, it was not an accident but a murder …

What a weather that is rai three

Rai3, 8.00 pm: Che tempo che fa – New edition – The advances.

Canale5, 9.30 pm: Seriously

New appointment with the program conducted by Enrico Papi. This week the guests in the studio and victims of jokes are: Nicola Porro, Paola Di Benedetto, Antonio Zequila, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Clemente Russo. There will also be the live joke made in first person by Enrico Papi with the involvement of the guests in the studio.

Italia1, at 9.25 pm: The Mummy

Movie 2017’s Action / Adventure / Thriller / Fantastic genre, directed by Alex Kurtzman, starring Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance.

Princess Ahmanet, destined to reign over Egypt, sees her sacred right fail when the Pharaoh generates an heir. Damned for eternity due to her pact with the dark god Seth, Ahmanet is forced to endure endless torment in the bowels of Mesopotamia, at least until she is unintentionally freed from the intervention of the American military in our day. The only one who can stop her is Sergeant Nick Morton, the very one who found her and is now also endowed with strange powers.

Rete4, 9.20 pm: Countercurrent

The political analysis conducted by Veronica Gentili returns to address current events.

La7, 9.15 pm: Atlantis – Stories of men and worlds – The advances.

Tv8, at 21.25: 2021 World Championship-GP Americas: Moto 2 (Race)


After the break, the MotoGP leaves Europe and arrives in the United States for the GP of the Americas. The hunt for the world title in the premier class starts again from Texas with Fabio Quartararo, still largely leading the World Championship, who in the last two races has however seen his advantage reduced over the Italian Ducati Pecco Bagnaia, winner both at Aragon and Misano .

Nine, 9.40 pm: The Italian Job

Movie 2003 in the genre Action / Thriller / Crime, directed by F. Gary Gray, with Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Edward Norton, Fausto Callegarini, Seth Green. Duration 111 minutes. Plot: Charlie Croker and his gang have struck a billionaire heist by stealing gold bars from a Venetian palace. But someone within the group decided to keep everything to themselves, not hesitating to eliminate old John, the spiritual father of the group, just to get their hands on the swag. Revenge is urgent: and what better revenge than regaining possession of the stolen goods, staging the most gigantic traffic jam in history in order to escape undisturbed or almost aboard three Mini?

TV guide other free channels

20, 9.10 pm: Knockout – Showdown – Movie

Rai4, 9.20 pm: Double suspicion – Movie

Iris, 9.15 pm: Montecristo – Movie

Rai5, 9.15 pm: Across the river and among the trees – Documentary

RaiMovie, 9.10 pm: Abel – The son of the wind – Movie

RaiPremium, 9.20 pm: All day ahead – Movie

Heaven, 9.15 pm: Showgirls – Movie

ParamountNetwork, 9.10 pm: The negotiator – Movie

La5, 9.10 pm: Christmas Encore – Movie

RealTime, 20.25 hours: 90 Days to fall in love – Docureality

Cine34, 9.05 pm: School of thieves – Movie

Focus, 9.15 pm: Masterpieces of Roman Engineering – Documentary

TopCrime, 9.15 pm: Colombo – TV series

MediasetExtra, 9.00 pm – Big Brother Vip: Live from the House – Reality show

MediasetItalia2, 9.15 pm: Shameless – TV series – 1st TV


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