TV program. Beyoncé, virtual reality… Five things to know about the remake of the “Lion King” broadcast unpublished on M6

Why not extend this Easter Sunday with the family by watching the ”Lion King” remake tonight on television? This is all you need to know about this film, released in 2019 at the cinema and broadcast unpublished and in clear this April 17 from 9:15 p.m. on M6.

Jon Favreau had already reworked “The Jungle Book”

The American director and screenwriter, very involved in the Marvel universe for which he produced “Iron Man” or “Avengers”, is not at his first attempt on Walt Disney. In 2016, he made a remake of the “Jungle Book”. With a budget of 175,000,000 dollars, Jon Favreau, also director of the series “The Mandalorian”, gave a facelift to this classic of the genre and even gleaned the Oscar for best visual effects in 2017. In France, the film made 3,720,327 admissions, spent 17 weeks at the box office and ranked ninth in 2016.

A film created in virtual reality

As with “The Jungle Book,” the modeling work for “The Lion King” received critical acclaim. Jon Favreau made the film using virtual reality: in other words, the sets, inspired by real places in Kenya, were recreated by a computer and then managed by a video game engine to bring them to life. On his social networks, the director admitted to having used only one real image: a photograph used to illustrate the passage of the film on the circle of life, when Simba grows up.

Several nominations

The production in computer-generated images earned the “Lion King” a series of prestigious nominations: the film was in particular in the running for the prize for best animated film at the Golden Globes 2020, for the prize for best visual effects at the Oscars 2020 and at BAFA 2020. But unlike the “Jungle Book”, it didn’t win anything. This did not prevent a big success in theaters with 10,017,995 admissions in France, the first film in the 2019 box office ranking.

Beyoncé headlining

The singer Beyoncé makes the voice of Nala, the childhood friend of Simba, a more important role than in the original version according to the words of Jon Favreau. Asked on the set of American animator Jimmy Kimmel, the director explains Beyoncé’s choice to join the project: “She has young children, it was a project that she liked at that time in her life, and she really like the original Lion King. And of course, there are those musical passages that she is involved in, and my god… she really lives up to her reputation when it comes to her voice and her talent.” An opinion shared by critics, who offered a few prizes to “Spirit”, title of the soundtrack interpreted by Beyoncé, and a nomination for the Golden Globes.

A true copy… or almost

This modern “Lion King” uses the same characters as in 1994, with one exception. Two of the three hyenas have changed names: Shenzi still exists, but Banzai and Ed have changed their names to Kamari and Azizi, which means “powerful” and “moonlight” in Swahili.

A desire, perhaps, to make people forget a controversy that had punctuated the 1994 version: several voices were then raised to denounce the choice to take two actors from the Afro-American and Latin American communities, Whoopi Goldberg and Cheech Marin, to interpret the hyenas and give them a different accent from the rest of the characters.

The story

In the savannah, a major event has just occurred: Simba, the son of the lion king Mufasa, has just been born and he is presented to all the animals over which he is called to reign one day. But if jubilation seizes most of the animals, Scar, Mufasa’s brother, who once again sees the throne slipping away from him, ruminates in the shadows. The days pass and Simba, young and adventurous, always accompanied by the bird Zazu, discovers his future kingdom. He ventures so far that he crosses paths with the hyena Shenzi, who turns out to be particularly threatening…

“The Lion King” by Jon Favreau, unpublished and in clear this Sunday April 17 from 9:15 p.m. on M6.

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