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There are stories we would never want to hear. Let alone live. However, they exist: they are real events, which challenge our conscience and often have the name of a friend, relative or colleague. Sometimes even our own name. As long as even one woman is killed, mistreated or abused, we cannot therefore turn away, pretending “not to see”. On the contrary, what we have to do is just look: let these stories shake us, spread like wildfire, denounce the unnameable so that one day femicides become just a memory. For this the special programming at the World Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women has a particular importance: it educates us precisely in this, that is, to look. Let’s not turn the other way: neither tonight, nor ever.

Of all the TV channels, whoever deploys the heavy artillery is Sky. The satellite platform does not spare and dedicated the entire programming of November 25 of the channel Sky Cinema Due at the fight against violence. It airs in prime time The Life To Come – Herself: an Ireland – England co-production, in the first tv, which tells the courageous escape of a woman from her abusive husband. Rebuilding herself and her life will not be easy but ours will find inspiration from a singular video: that of a man who, at low cost, is building his own house from scratch … Soon after, in the late evening, it will be the turn of the mythical Bombshell – the voice of the scandal: the film denounces the Roger Ailey case through the point of view of women harassed by the director of Fox News. The cast is dominated by the all-star trio consisting of Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman And Margot Robbie. The film also collected awards: 3 Academy Award nominations, 2 Golden Globes nominations, 3 nominations and one BAFTA Award, 4 Critics Choice Award nominations and one Award, 3 SAG Award nominations. In day time, again on Sky Cinema Due, it is worth recovering Share: an intense thriller that turns the spotlight on the scourge of abuse in the social era. Made by Hbo, line up in the cast Rhianne Barreto, awarded at the Sundance festival. ST @ LKER with Anna Foglietta: in the center, the dark side of the web.

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Among the pay networks, we also point out Crime + Investigation that from 22 to 27 November, has inserted a daily slot focused on the fight against femicides. It’s called #BastaAbusi, it airs from 6.20pm to 9.05pm, with the sole exception of November 25: in that case, the entire programming is themed since Thursday is World Day. The most delicious title is certainly the film I am in love with Pippa Bacca. On air at 20.10, it reconstructs the hitchhiking trip (in a wedding dress) and the tragic end of the 33-year-old artist, killed in Turkey. After that, catch up on the rerun of The girl from Parioli: a docu, proposed on 22 and 23 November and repeated on Friday at 21.05, which arrives like a punch in the stomach, reconstructing one of the most tragic and shameful pages of our chronicle. Eight years ago, two underage girls, belonging to Roma bene, were pushed into prostitution. To recall those horrible days are one of the girls, Marianna, together with her mother Sabrina, who came out of prison last June, and her grandmother Sandra. Finally, again on Thursday, at 6.20 pm the special of Crimes dedicated to the Garlasco case will be broadcast.

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The proposal of Mtv which, at 21, ranks Domestic Violence & me – Mia’s story. In the center, the painful testimony My Boardman that someone will remember in Teen Mum Uk. Well, ours was the victim of domestic violence. Her (now ex) boyfriend is in jail and she is now trying to fight back. Talking about himself is part of his raising his head: the first step was to call the trauma by his own name, that is to stop justifying his partner’s outbursts of anger by recognizing that he is a violent man. Then she decided to share her experience on MTV in order to support and help those who, like her, have passed through this hell.

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As for the free-to-air networks, there is very little on the “big” ones. Right Rai Tre, on November 25, dedicates the special of Borders to women: Franco Di Mare has chosen to title the episode with an eloquent “Men do not change”. The other networks, on the other hand, preferred not to upset their programming by confirming, for example, Zelig on Canale 5 and fiction A professor on Rai Uno … In comparison he had more courage Rai 4 which, in prime time, program Alone: a good thriller starring Jules Wilcox, here as a wife on the run from her husband. His “sweet” half had nothing less than kidnapped in the woods … Also worth mentioning is the prose of Rai 5: in Double cut Marina Senesi talks about violence against women from the point of view of … media stories. A very interesting wide angle.

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Last but not least, the beautiful initiative of The F: is called What it is – Nobody excluded, is made together with ActionAid and Next Studios and dissects the words of inclusion, against all discrimination and gender violence. More precisely, three terms will be analyzed: culture, opportunity and kindness. The hostess Josephine Yole Signorelli, better known as Bad comics, together with the activist and writer respectively Djarah Kan (she is responsible for talking about the word culture), to the writer and content creator Florenciafacose (who will talk about opportunity) and the writer Jonathan Bazzi (who will argue the theme of kindness). The program airs on 25 November at 9.10 pm on the satellite channel The F and then it will be repeated, via clip, on the social networks of the network.

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