Twist on Netflix: how is the series about a crime that keeps its secret in a deleted scene

anatomy of a scandalproduced by Sarah Vaughnhad its triumphant premiere in Netflix and it was positioned among one of the first in the ranking with the most views. The miniseries, which consists of six chapters, tells the courtroom drama between Olivia Lytton (Naomi Scott), and James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend), who plays a career minister on the rise, who must deal with a scandal over the alleged rape against Lytton. The story is told from the point of view Sophie Whitehousethe accused’s wife, played by Sienna Miller.

in fiction, James He strongly denies the allegations of rape olivia and maintains that this sexual act was consensual between the parties, which is ruled out by the woman. According to the official synopsis, the story is about “the privileged life of Sophie, the wife of a powerful politician, which dissolves when a scandal comes to light… and her husband is accused of a shocking crime.”.

This story, which is a resounding success on Netflix, brings with it a small peculiarity: the existence of deleted scenes after filming that would provide revealing data to the plot about the character of Olivia. About this curious fact, Naomi Scott, in dialogue with RadioTimes, gave more details and revealed the reason for his edition: “We recorded what happened with Olivia after everything that happened (at the trial), but it didn’t look good. She didn’t do the character justice, it was like tying her up with a bow. In fact, I think it’s more powerful to let people say, ‘Uh, what happened to her?’ And a lot of times these kinds of victims are forgotten, so I think it’s really appropriate.”

Anatomy of a Scandal Trailer

In the same line, Scott He pointed out that despite being a fiction, he felt like a negative atmosphere inside the court where a large part of the film was recorded: “The scenario itself is quite daunting and I thought: ‘Okay, I’m an actor. This is not real’. I can’t imagine how it must feel for someone who actually has to retell their trauma to a group of people who aren’t necessarily supportive, but are actually judging whether they’re lying or not.”. And she continued with his account: “It really opened my mind and my eyes and I thought: ‘Wow, how brave it is to step forward.’ But also, I completely understand why someone wouldn’t want to go through that.”

With a record of 75 million hours viewedthe series moved from first place to the second season of Bridgerton. With just one week in the Top 10 of the digital platform, anatomy of a scandal became the most viewed. “What I love about this series is that it puts the audience in the jury’s seat. I think that’s really effective because ultimately, if you’re a juror, you’re dealing with these memory fragments, which I think makes these cases really hard to prosecute,” he closed.

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