Two Barcelonans with Beyoncé, by Joan Vehils

This Friday the Spanish Association of Managers (ADE) organized a ‘Dialogue’ between the executive president of Naturgy, Francisco Reynes, and the director of this newspaper, Albert Saez. Reynés was born in Mallorca, lived in Barcelona and now spends most of his time in the capital. This industrial engineer who wears classic he’s a tough guy who doesn’t beat around the bush. So much so, that he began his intervention with these words. “People have an opinion, but they don’t have data.” And, of course, he provided a lot of information in a kind of master class.

At the end, he told us that every night he checks the time he has been connected to his mobile. He wants to disengage and he is succeeding. During the last days he has managed not to exceed the daily hour. A record. Of course, for this he has eliminated all the applications. We also learned that, at the Davos summit, just a week ago, he warned the president Pedro Sanchez, that the energy prices at the beginning of the year do not reflect what may happen in the future. that is, that he recommended not to stick out too much chest. Without going any further, we also learned that just reopening Chinese airspace represents the consumption of one million barrels of oil per day. Well that, what with data everything looks different.

The Macron effect in Barcelona

when the journalist Albert Arbos He gives you a date for lunch, you can never say no. They are always interesting. On this occasion, he summons me at the Astoria hotel by Jordi Clos. On the ground floor there is a spectacular exhibition, owned by the hotelier, by the Catalan painter and draughtsman Ricardo Opisso. It was interesting to see the work explained by Clos himself, but even more so the conversation he had with the director of the Picasso Museum of Barcelona, emmanuel guigon. They did not know each other, but they are both educated people, passionate about collecting and share their concern and passion for art and Barcelona. Guijon is a museologist and does not hide his appearance as a French intellectual passionate about social gatherings. He tells us that the Macron’s visit to the Picasso museum has had a great impact in France and that interest in visiting the museum has grown. So they expect the visit of many French from Easter. It also tells that After the official meeting, he spent more than an hour talking about books, painting and art with Macron. “He showed me that He is a very cultured person”Guigon says. And we also found out that Pedro Sánchez has been the first president of the Spanish government to have visited the Picasso museum. The previous ones missed it…

With Beyoncé in Dubai

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The last time Beyonce got on stage was in Johannesburg, in a tribute to Nelson Mandela, the year 2018. Since then no one had seen her live until last weekend, where she reappeared at the opening of the Atlatin the Royal hotel in Dubai. She did it for the small price of 24 million dollars. Two Barcelonans were among the 1,500 chosen. One is the architect and designer Juli Capella and the other, Rubén Carmona, who currently acts as General Manager of the restaurants in this spectacular ‘resort’. Capella was there because he has designed all the restaurants that chef José Andrés has around the world. They are called Jaleo and in all of them there are motifs from Barcelona. At the entrance to the one in Dubai there is a lamp by Dalí and some lips by the Catalan painter converted into a sofa by Oscar Tusquets and produced by Barcelona Design. In the dining room, a table football from the RS Barcelona company appears alongside ceramics from Tot Cor or Kriskadecor curtains brought from Montblanc. In other words, Capella not only designs spectacular spaces, but also it also matches ours.

For his part, Rubén Carmona also acts as a Barcelonan. He was Alfred Romagosa’s assistant maitre d’ at the Drolma restaurant that Fermí Puig had at the Hotel Majestic. He then also directed the Petit Comité and the Catalunya restaurant in Singapore. Well that, what they both enjoyed Beyoncé. “When I entered they gave me a dark bag with a zipper to introduce the mobile, so that it would not tax no song,” Capella tells me. The system was ineffective. The images have already gone around the world.

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