Two dream collaborations of Aitana: Rosalia and Karol G | LOS40

Aitana has become one of the most important Spanish artists in our country. But his music transcends boundaries and thanks to great songs like Mon Amour Remix And formentera, The artist enjoys great popularity in other countries such as Mexico.

Catalan has spent a few days in Mexico City promoting his next album, Alphaand participate in kids choice awards 2023 in Spanish. There he has given some interviews to some media like TV Azteca where he has confessed to being a fan of two of the most important stars of the moment: Rosalia and Karol G.

When the journalist asks Aitana with which artists she would like to collaborate, the young woman does not think much about it: “There are many people with whom I would like to collaborate, but there are two undisputed queens. they are Karol G and Rosalia, I would love to collaborate with him at some point in my life. Obviously it’s very difficult right now, but it can be done, it can be done.”

Without a doubt, these statements have driven fans crazy, who would love to see the singer opposite one of these two international stars. And it is worth remembering that Aitana has made many dreams come true by singing with artists such as Pablo Alborán, David Bisbal or Katy Perry, to name a few.

It is true that Aitana and Rosalia have come together in many incidents. They have also posed together for the camera at the LOS40 Music Awards. So the collaboration between them won’t be so crazy. Nor with Karol G with whom he shares a record label. And the thing is that both the artists are under the umbrella of Universal Music.

We’re already lighting candles so that one of these collaborations is complete. And there’s nothing we love more than a theme among queens. or between the three.

Right now Alpha is very close to us. And we are sure that it will live up to all our expectations.

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