Two of Kim Kardashian’s children make their film debut

Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities with the most wisdom when it comes to knowing at what point in life the family itself begins to monetize, a matter that she learned from her mother, the businesswoman Kris Jenner, who knew from the beginning that her daughters were a gold mine and when Kim’s sex tape scandal broke, he knew it was the perfect opportunity to lead the entire “klan” to absolute fame, achieving it in spades.

From that moment on, Keeping Up With the Kardashians became one of the most famous reality shows in television history and with it its members took a rocket ship to success.billing millions of dollars, not only with the emissions of the chapters, but with the sponsors of the Show and the brands that began to work with the socialites alone, thus generating the current royal family of the United States, to mention a specific status.

The media Kardashian knows very well the treasure she has with her children.  Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian.
The media Kardashian knows very well the treasure she has with her children. Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian.

The fact is that all this experience has taught Kim that everything can be material within the entertainment industry and her children can also be part of it, since they have been immersed in it since they were little thanks to the recordings of the reality in which his family has participated, the last being The Kardashianswhich airs on Hulu.

For this reason, Kim has given the endorsement to his eldest children, North and Saint, to lend their voices to the new tape that is being produced, ‘Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie’, the arrival on the big screen of one of the most famous cartoons of the new generations of children, which was even the subject of Psalm’s last birthday, the youngest of the West Kardashians.

North, 9 years old, and Saint, 7, will be accompanied by their mother, who will also participate in the film and, obviously, they will be directed by the technical team of both the film and the special group that is always with the socialite day and night, controlling every work step the youngsters take. Said film is scheduled to be released in October 2023.

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The Kardashians monetize their lives through reality shows. Instagram @khloekardashian – Photo: Instagram @khloekardashian

If someone knows how to throw unforgettable parties in Hollywood, it’s the media Kim Kardashian, especially when it comes to the birthday of one of her children, because there is no austerity worth it, Well, she spends whatever it takes to see her offspring happy, even if they ask to paint an entire palace pink, as happened on Chicago’s last birthday, Kim’s third daughter with rapper Kanye West.

The little girl, who was born through a surrogate mother and is now five years old, asked her mother to please have her party have a very childish and very pink theme, all because she wanted the protagonist, in addition to her, to be one of the most beloved cartoons in the world, which has fallen in love with many generations since the 70s, which was released in Japan and later in the United States.

The media decorated her entire Hello Kitty house for her daughter.  Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian.
The media decorated her entire Hello Kitty house for her daughter. Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian.

This is Hello Kitty, the famous kitten who ended up making a presence at the minikardashian’s birthdayboth in the pumps and in the decoration, some transport items for children, in the food and even ended up appearing thanks to an actress who dressed as the cartoon and entertained the birthday girl, her brothers, her cousins ​​and some exclusive friends who They were able to attend the private reception, which was also attended by Kriss Jenner, the proud grandmother of Chicago.

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