Two people accused of falsifying the Nacho book and other texts are arrested

Santo Domingo, DR.

The Public Ministry requested coercive measures against Santiago Arístides Valdez Payano and Diógenes Álvarez Brito, accused of the massive reproduction and illegal commercialization of the book “Nacho Dominicano” and other reading texts, in violation of copyright and intellectual property.

The accusing body requested before the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services that an economic guarantee of 100 thousand pesos each be imposed, periodic presentation and impediment to leave the country.

The two men were arrested while reproducing large quantities of copies of the books “Nacho Dominicano” and “Learning to read with María and Manuel”, from the publisher Susaeta, as well as the book “Caligrafía Dominicana”, from Ediciones MB.

The Public Ministry seized 511 metal plates with images of Nacho, reams of printed pages in the process of binding, 78 covers of Dominican Calligraphy, a copy of Learning to read with María and Manuel, as well as various printing and binding materials.

According to the application document, presented by the prosecutor Jesse James Ventura Ovalles, both defendants violated articles 20 and 169, numeral 2, literals b, c and f, of Law 65-00, on Copyright, which criminalizes the reproduction, distribution and sale of a work without the authorization of the author.

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