two Spanish commentators explode with anger on television with President Gustavo Petro for saying that coal is more harmful than cocaine

President Gustavo Petro’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly went around the world, for better and for worse. Despite this, many focused on what the president said about cocaine, equating its harmfulness with that of coal and oil.

This was the case in the program ‘7 Al Día’, of the Spanish channel 7NN. As usual, its driver, the journalist Luis Losada Pescador, gave way to the segment “The nonsense of the day”. He was surprised that President Petro was the protagonist, precisely with a phrase about cocaine.

“What is more poisonous for humanity, cocaine, coal or oil? The opinion of power has ordered that cocaine is poison and must be prosecuted, even if it only causes minimal deaths by overdose, and more because of the mixtures caused by its ruled secrecy,” said the president in the excerpt presented by the program.

The outrage was immediate. Losada assured that the Colombian president’s pronouncement is “amazing.”

“You’re saying cocaine isn’t that bad. The president of Colombia is saying that cocaine has been criminalized and that the real bad guys are coal and oil. In other words, the tools make the economy work, but the economy doesn’t. The economy has been criminalized. He is the president of Colombia,” Losada said on the show.

A commentator who accompanied him on the broadcast adhered to the “amazing” label.

“Any miscreant could suspect that he has some kind of alliance with some drug traffickers. Laundering the deaths caused by cocaine in this way,” he said, highlighting repercussions such as murders and kidnappings.

Of course, the point that President Petro touched on about cocaine promises to give something to talk about in the next four years of government.

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