Tyler Henry, the Hollywood medium who has a waiting list of 300,000 people

With more than 300,000 people on the waiting list, eager to contact family and friends who have passed away, Tyler Henry, a 26-year-old Californian, has become the medium of Hollywood. Given his divinatory prowess, the world has split in two: those who believe it is possible to have conversations with spirits and those who consider it a scam. If Henry really did talk to the dead, his detractors ironically point out, it would be the most important and far-reaching discovery in the history of mankind.

The same is happening in Great Britain. As reported The Independent At the beginning of the year, Fleur Leussink, better known as Medium Fleur, is also causing quite a media stir due to her conversations from beyond the grave. “Thirteen years after the first reading of it, Leussink has a waiting list of more than three years,” the article pointed out to potential stakeholders. At the moment, the singer Lana Del Rey and the actress Emma Roberts have confessed their admirers.

‘Speaking’ with the afterlife

Fleur Leussink, or Medium Fleur, is causing quite a media buzz over her ‘conversations’ with the afterlife

Although mediums seemed to have been relegated to the trunk of memories, now Generation Z is dusting them off again, highlights The Independent. “The hashtags #spirituality and #spiritual have 7.5 and 5.7 million views on TikTok, respectively, while #astrology has 28.9 million views and #psychic another 2.8 million”, quantifies the newspaper British.

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For Leussink, those born between 1985 and 2000 are more open to believing in different things and what may or may not be possible. At the same time, there is a renewed interest, and not only among celebrities, in having hypothetical conversations with loved ones who have died. “The question people ask me the most is: Are they there? Are they okay?”, reveals the author of Moving beyond. Access your intuition, psychic ability and spirit connection (Go Beyond. Access your intuition, psychic ability, and spiritual connection.)

Psychic Fleur Leussink in Los Angeles in 2016

Psychic Fleur Leussink in Los Angeles in 2016

Jonathan Leibson

For now, Leussink’s fame seems to have skyrocketed, prompting newspapers like Los Angeles Times either The Sunday Times have published reports about this medium who claims to be able to tune in” (the word he uses to suggest that his mind can access a psychic channel, which he says he can hear loud and clear, in the same way that a transistor radio is tuned in) with absent beings.

“Imagine that we live in a two-dimensional world,” says Leussink, holding a sheet of paper in each hand to explain the existence of the afterlife. “We would be this piece of paper, and they (the spirit world) would be this other piece of paper. And, in a way, we would exist separately. But if we overlap both sheets and look at them from a horizontal perspective (he goes on to say, as he places the two sheets on top of each other) they look like a single piece of paper.”

Emma Stone, pictured with Colin Firth, plays a palmist in 'Magic in the Moonlight', a 2014 film by Woody Allen

Emma Stone, pictured with Colin Firth, plays a palmist in ‘Magic in the Moonlight’, a 2014 film by Woody Allen


“Actually, they are two dimensions that occupy the same space,” he clarifies in his performances. His intention is to make his “psychic therapy” known to an increasingly wide audience, although in 2017, when his fame began to emerge, I was already charging $290 per session hour…

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Teresa Sese

Emma Künz

The Sunday Times warns that Leussink is not the typical clairvoyant who reads the palms of her hands and wears pendants with moonstones to make quick money with people struggling with life, but that she is an elegant hipster who likes to dance salsa and attend concerts of indie music, as most of his friends are musicians, including Lana Del Rey.

Change of plans

Tyler Henry wanted to be a nurse, but he never got to practice, since a medium told him that at the age of 19 he would present his own television program

As for Tyler Henry, before connecting with the spirits of the Kardashian clan and Robin Williams to hear their pleas from beyond, he said he had a premonition, when he was only ten years old, that his grandmother (who was very ill with cancer) He was going to die imminently, some time after Paco Porras, Aramis Fuster and Rappel, among other clairvoyants, made their television August in Spain.

According to his biography, Henry was born in rural California. His intention was to study nursing, although he never practiced, since a medium told him that at the age of 19 he would present his own television program.

Tyler Henry is popularly known as the medium of Hollywood.

Tyler Henry is popularly known as the medium of Hollywood.

AND! Entertainment

Since then, second-row celebrities have paraded through Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, but also illustrious surnames accustomed to participating in the big celebrity media leagues, such as the Baywatch Carmen Electra, the former singer of Culture Club, Boy George or model and actress Megan Fox.

About the year 2016, Henry announced his desire to help fathers and mothers who continued to regret that one of their children had committed suicide, which earned him to be nicknamed “the vampire of pain” for trying to trade with the grief of people. vulnerable in the name of entertainment and distraction.

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However, none of these reproaches seem to have made a dent in him. Since it began airing in 2016, Hollywood Medium has offered psychic readings to celebrities “in which it tells them things about their long-dead loved ones that Google can largely uncover,” it posted in 2017. New York Times.

“Give me a second to perceive this symbolism,” Henry requests in the first episode of the series Lifetime after deathwith Tyler Henry broadcast on Netflix, before the expectant gaze of four women eager to learn about the existence in the underworld of a friend of theirs who lost her life giving birth to her baby.

Tyler Henry in the Netflix docuseries, 'Life After Death'

Tyler Henry in the Netflix docuseries, ‘Life After Death’


“These shows reflect an evolution in celebrity journalism (unpredictability, intimacy, alleged authenticity…) and reframe what a celebrity should look like in public,” the article added. New York Times. In the past, this might have meant an intimate interview with Oprah Winfrey in which she aired a (almost always agreed-upon) part of her personal life. Now, on the other hand, she sells much more unpredictability and a supernatural aura that can be extrapolated to many of the series produced by Netflix.

The Hollywood fortuneteller, in addition to making celebrity journalism evolve with a new format, wrote in 2017 Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the other side (Gallery Books), a book that again divided public opinion into two: those who considered it a major attack against the type of intelligence that is taught in schools and universities and those who, on the contrary, believed they were at the gates of A new age.

“I always say that readings (conversations with the spirits of the deceased) are not a cure for pain. But they are a reminder that our loved ones are still with us”, Henry has snapped happily about the fact that many celebrities (and even more anonymous people…) agree to submit to his magic sessions or whatever you want to call the chatter he says keep with those who have crossed the last frontier of humanity: physical death.

The Basque seer Mikel Lizarralde

The Basque seer Mikel Lizarralde

Courtesy of Mikel Lizarralde


The case of Mikel Lizarrale

Also in Spain there are those who claim to communicate with the afterlife. One of the best known is Mikel Lizarralde, the medium from Urretxu (Guipuzkoa). As Lizarralde declared in 2021 to The Basque Journalon the occasion of his first book, a new message (Editorial Vergara, Penguin Random House), “in reality, we never die.” As for what has changed the most during the time he has been carrying out his activity, Lizarralde points out that now many of his clients are young, unlike in the past, when it was common to serve “women 50 years of age and above ”.

Despite being described as a parasite that feeds on tormented souls, Henry prefers to describe himself as an “intuitive doctor”. In his second book, Here & Hereafter: how wisdow from the departed can transform your life now (“Here and Hereafter: How the Wisdom of the Departed Can Transform Your Life Now”), he even argues that by listening to the departed and paying attention to what they might have done differently, anyone can learn to live a life fuller and full of meaning.

Thanks to messages of this nature, Tyler tours the United States and speaks in casinos, hotels, resorts, theaters and all kinds of auditoriums, like any rock star. A look at her website allows us to verify that in her last live show, A night of hope and healingtickets sell out even a year before some of its (almost always) dedicated audience breaks into tears upon hearing that “our loved ones never really leave us.”

New York seer Theresa Caputo holds her grandson in a twitter image

New York seer Theresa Caputo, known as the Long Island Medium, holds her grandson in a twitter image


In exchange for “tuning in” with the beings that left this world, the new fortune-tellers charge amounts that can cause other types of chills. John Edward, the famous psychic medium popularized by Oprah Winfrey, has been interacting with the deceased for 30 years in exchange for $850 per private session.

For her part, Theresa Caputo, the Long Island medium with long hair and mile-long fingernails, charges $175 per consultation. Although it has not transpired what Tyler Henry intends to bill the 300,000 clients he claims to have on the waiting list, it will most likely not be a trifle, judging by what his live performances cost: between $65 and $121 a ticket.

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Spiritism (and its derivatives) is an activity that has had ups and downs over time. However, when the voices from other worlds seemed to be silenced, the mediums have woken up, at least at the media level. According to some experts, in times of widespread disbelief, there is a greater predisposition to embrace new beliefs, even if they challenge everything known.

Perhaps for this reason, there are no signs that these centuries-old businesses may be reaching their time. On the contrary, many are being resurrected, thanks to an increasingly young and unbelieving clientele, although with the same desire as always to travel to other worlds.

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