TYP, the new online platform for health and emotional well-being

‘Discover. Connect. Enjoy. It’s your turn to revolutionize your life.
Ready?’, TYP Community motto

Leticia Gimeno (Leto for friends and faithful followers), Sara Rhodes and Jimena Moreno, They are the 3 visible faces of a project that has just been launched and that is looking for something as nice as helping. Lend a hand to others emotionally in these soulless and hostile times. With this mission born TYP Community (The Yellow Program)and their alma mater, visit our set to introduce us to this platform first-hand on-line that has come to revolutionize health and emotional well-being and that is already giving a lot to talk about. An initiative with a background that run away from all the frivolity established and seeks to make this world a better place. A project that we could not stop echoing. A ‘health program’ that breaks schemes. “TYP was born from the need to be well inside and out, emphasizing the importance of mental health and being well with ourselves,” its creators explain to us with a contagious and addictive good vibe. Stay and immerse yourself with us in the universe of ‘The Yellow Program’!

The founders of Typ Community/Photo: TYP
The founders of Typ Community/Photo: TYP

TYPE brings together more than 150 experts in different fields that are available to their clients to guide them in different areas of their lives. A labor of coaching which also seeks to break the pattern that health and wellness care is very expensive. “With ‘The Yellow Program’ we also seek to democratize emotional health, simplify it and make it more fun.”

«We intend to show that health is fun and that we all have mental moves. That you can eat anything without guilt or anxiety. That work can be cool. That sport is also for lazy. That arguing is healthy if you know how. It is useless to count calories. That meditating is not only for yogis. Nor think only of philosophers. Knowing yourself is not boring. That health, if you look at it in a TYP Community way, is something else,” they explain on their newly launched website.

With the collaboration of more than 150 experts

“In ‘The Yellow Program’ we have brought together more than 100 professionals and success stories from the world of health so that you really understand yourself, get to know yourself, inspire yourself and have the keys to everything you need”

TYP, the new online platform that revolutionizes health and emotional well-being

«On the platform, you can find short videos of professionals in the health sector. We have psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, coaches…great professionals who talk about specific topics of interest». The courses and talks on the different sections are purchased and from that moment, there are 14 months to take advantage of it.

Create community, one of the great objectives

TYP, the new online platform that revolutionizes health and emotional well-being

This platform seeks to generate a safe place where we can be ourselves and interact and join forces. A place where you can be part of a vision that the world still does not know and always be up to date with all health and wellness issues. A community in which we all help each other and participate in generating well-being synergies.

TYP, the new online platform that revolutionizes health and emotional well-being

Success stories: sources of inspiration

Tomás Páramo and María G. de Jaime/Photo: Instagram
Tomás Páramo and María G. de Jaime/Photo: Instagram

Apart from the wide range of experts, in TYP Community there are also what they call “success stories”, people who can serve as a source of inspiration to overcome certain problems and obstacles or perhaps, sometimes try to see life differently. Among them are, for example, Tomas Paramo and Maria G. de Jaime or the model, Ariadne Artiles. «With the ‘success stories’ what we intend is to show that if these people have been able to transform their lives and come out ahead accepting themselves and successfully overcoming adversity, we can all do it.

TYP, the new online platform that revolutionizes health and emotional well-being

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