UACH Medicine students desperate for lack of internships

Fifth-year medical students from the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh), expressed their concern about the lack of practical classes and the non-compliance with the curriculum by the university, even when control over the covid- 19 has allowed greater flexibility.

Through a letter sent to Valdivia Newspaperthe future doctors state that the epidemiological situation also hit the students from the educational point of view, because they have not been able to develop the practical classes that the training of a professional of their characteristics requires.

“Last year, as fourth-year medical students, we had already tried to make this problem visible by resorting to these media, due to the lack of concern of our School of Medicine in taking the necessary actions to plan clinical practices,” they indicate in the letter.

The students add that the result of their complaints was four weeks of practice in the surgery service, which for some was only three weeks, and a two-week internship in the internal medicine service during the summer.

The determination of the university was not well received by the students and they state that it was not a solution that could have achieved the minimum competencies, as stipulated in the curriculum and as a fundamental axis of the formation of a competent medical professional.


This 2022, the year in which the control of the pandemic has allowed the flexibility of the capacity and the return to classes in person, the students say they are again faced with problems of similar characteristics that today have the students of the career “desperate”.

In their letter they add that “we are concerned about the little time left to carry out the clinical practices, since the planning contemplates a certain capacity of students and, for all of them to rotate, more time is needed for all of them to complete their practices. And, considering that we are two months away from the end of the semester, there is nothing concrete.”

They denounce that after the commitment of face-to-face attendance 100% committed by the university, many colleagues returned to Valdivia, which implies rental and travel expenses, but today they receive “anecdotal” virtual classes and visit health centers only in quality of patients.

“We should not be reaching these instances to be given classes and clinical practices in health establishments, since these should be planned and guaranteed by the school, without the need to beg for part of our professional training, more even taking into account that to date we have only accumulated a month of internships in the best cases”, lament the students.

At the end of their letter, the students clarify that they do not seek to tarnish the image of the UACh, but rather seek solutions for their practical training, which they consider essential for their training as health professionals.

Faculty responds

From the UACH Faculty of Medicine, Dean Claudio Flores, points out to Diario de Valdivia that post-pandemic solutions have been difficult to implement, because all practical activities depend on professional fields dependent on public and private institutions. with entry criteria.

The dean adds that the problem reported by fifth-year medical students is in the process of being solved, and adds that this situation not only affects medical students but all careers.

However, he adds that “their practices will be fulfilled, once these institutions give us the go,” the doctor closes.

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