UEFA is investigating Bellingham’s celebratory gesture!

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Jude Bellingham was the hero of England’s victory over Slovakia to reach the quarter-finals of Euro 2024. A Real Madrid player scored the tying goal with a bicycle kick that sent the game into extra time when the English team’s elimination seemed certain.

As well as his usual celebration with Harry Kane, Bellingham also left behind an image which quickly went viral on social media. Gesture pointing to one’s genitals with an open hand while looking at the stands.

Bellingham’s explanation

Some claimed that this was a provocation aimed at the Slovakian bench, which forced the footballer to quickly clarify the entire controversy.using your account on the social network “X”. “A gesture that is an inside joke towards some close friends who were present at the game. Nothing but respect for the way the Slovak team played today,” Bellingham wrote on his profile, linking to another account in which the video appeared and which, in fact, he said was a provocation against the opponents’ bench.

However, despite the explanations, UEFA decided to open a disciplinary investigation. Judah Bellingham for “possibly violating the basic rules of good behavior.”

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