UK lifting all restrictions, including mandatory quarantine

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Munich on Saturday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson today announces the end of all “legal restrictions” against Covid that were still in force, including the obligation for positive people to keep mandatory quarantine, which in Great Britain is five days for the population. vaccinated.

The Executive is meeting today to approve a long-term project “of coexistence with the coronavirus” after Boris Johnson told the BBC yesterday that England has entered a new stage in which the legal requirement of self-isolation for positives will be eliminated. in covid, which right now is ten days, although it can be reduced to five if you are vaccinated and the antigen test is negative from the sixth day.

After informing Parliament, Johnson will offer a press conference to report the details of the plan, according to a statement issued by Downing Street after it was made public that Queen Elizabeth II, 95, has been infected with the disease and has “mild symptoms, similar to a cold”.

“After our successful vaccination programwe start from a good position to consider lifting the remaining legal restrictions, when more than 81% of adults They have already received a booster dose in England and the cases continue to fall,” said the statement echoed by Efe.

Although the pandemic continues and considerable uncertainty remains, “we are now one step closer to getting back to normal and finally giving people their freedoms back while continuing to protect ourselves and others,” Johnson continued in the statement. ” Today mark a proud moment after one of the most difficult periods in the history of our country, as we begin to learn to live with covid“.

The plan of the British Executive is to implement a monitoring and tracking system taking advantage of the infrastructure now in place, similar to that already in place with other viral and bacterial diseases likely to cause epidemics, and plans for contingency measures that can be used if new variants of concern (VOCs) appear.

“In addition to vaccination, thanks to our further scientific understanding of the virus Now we can move from government intervention to personal responsibility“, continues the note, to make the pandemic compatible with freedoms.

The intention of the Executive is to concentrate on the detection and management of positive cases in the most vulnerable population to develop serious symptoms and reduce the number of tests: last January alone, more than 2,000 million pounds were spent (2,400 million euros) in testsa expense that cannot be maintainedas Johnson said yesterday in an interview with the BBC in which he announced his intentions, which Downing Street confirms today.

The regional authorities of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland must decide whether to follow England’s example and they eliminate the restrictions, although the Gallic Minister of Health criticizes one of the announced measures, a possible measure -not confirmed yet- that they are no longer dispensed free antigen test to the entire population.

England’s plan is to maintain part of the existing infrastructure for surveillance and tracking of outbreaks once the systematic falls in the seven-day cumulative incidence (AI) have been verified in recent weeks, even after the elimination of the mandatory mask in many places where it had been reinstated with the arrival of micron.

On Sunday, the last day for which there is data, 23,831 positive cases and 69 deaths were declared when in December the daily rates exceeded 100,000 cases, reports Financial Times.

The Labor opposition has received skepticism over Johnson’s announcement that he intends, in his opinion, to hide the prime minister’s problems with “partygate”, and the Labor spokesman for Health, Wes Streeting, accuses Johnson of “declaring victory before the war is over.”

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