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Increases the number of Ukrainians seeking refuge in EuropeAround 400,000 Ukrainians have crossed into the EU since the start of the offensive on Thursday, according to an AFP tally. Half of them entered Poland, his government said.

President of Ukraine

The emotional video was shared on social networks.

A translator cried live while delivering the speech of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskythis Sunday.

As seen in the video shared on social networks, the translation was made for the German media outlet Welt. (Follow the minute-by-minute on the Russian invasion of Ukraine here)

“Russia is on the evil path, Russia must lose its voice in the UN,” he said in the video. However, her voice then cracked and, for seconds, she was unable to continue the translation.

The woman then excused herself for crying and said “I’m sorry.”

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This Monday is the fifth day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russian and Ukrainian delegations arrived at the border with Belarus, near the Chernobyl exclusion zone, to start negotiations.

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(Due to the public interest that the events between Russia and Ukraine arouse, all our coverage of that invasion and related actions will have free access for all readers of EL TIEMPO)

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