Ukraine-Russia war, Stakhovsky: “Italy wouldn’t last a day”

“We Ukrainians do not want to give up anything. We understand that this is our war and not that of Europe, we are only asking for help and assistance. Italy and the Italian army, as far as I know, would not last a day against the Russian army “. Sergiy Stakhovsky, 36, expresses himself in this way at Eight and a Half on La7. The former Ukrainian tennis player, who has just finished his professional career, has returned to his homeland ready to fight in the war against Russia.

“We are here, we are shooting, we use weapons of war and we make do with what we have. People want to fight, they want to resist. There are no Russian forces in Kiev, the situation will remain that way for some time. Crimea and Donbass? Would Italy renounce Sicily and Venice to give them to some other state? We must understand that if Ukraine falls into Russian hands, then it will be up to other nations “, he says.

“We would go back to 1945 with the satellite nations with respect to Moscow: Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Baltic. Putin threatens with nuclear power and NATO is afraid. He used this card and will use it again. The only hope you have. is that he dies before he does, otherwise he will do the same things he did when Hitler was dividing Europe. If the nations go to war, he will fight and split the nations in two, as has already happened “, he says again.

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