Ukrainian war, Borrell: “Russia Today and Sputnik weapons of the Kremlin”

Russia Today and Sputnik are not “innocent media” that have their own vision of reality, but they are “weapons in the Kremlin’s manipulation ecosystem“, which” bomb the minds and spirits. “E information “is the fuel of democracy. If the information is of bad quality, democracy is also of bad quality. “The High Representative of the EU underlines it Josep Borrellin Strasbourg in the plenary of the European Parliament.

We are not the ministry of truth – he continues – we do not decide what is true and what is false “, but Rt and Sputnik” systematically “alter the reality of the facts and are” integral parts of the aggression against Ukraine “, telling “lies” about the war, continually accusing Kiev of “bombing its citizens” in order to blame Moscow. Information “is the fuel of democracy” because it is on the basis of the information available to them that citizens “decide their vote”.

Information “is a protected good: if you go to buy meat in a supermarket”, there are laws that guarantee that the product is safe and harmless. The same must apply to information: “Sputnik is not an innocent media: it was created by a Russian presidential decree“, remembers Borrell. And Russia Today, by the same admission of its” director “, is” capable of waging an information war (a war!) against the West. “For this reason the Commission has decided to put both media on the alert. ban in the EU, concludes Borrell.

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