Ukrainians demonstrate against Russia in Times Square

two hundred citizens Ukrainians and relatives demonstrated this Thursday in the central New York square of times square to denounce the aggression of Russia against your country and the beginning of the bombing last night.

Gathering around a gigantic Ukrainian flag held by about 40 people as they waved it, the protesters, backed by New Yorkers, called for stronger support for their country.

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Russiaget your hands out of the Ukraine” and “Putin is a murderer” was heard loudly from the heart of the emblematic square, occupied today not by the usual smiling tourists, but by people with gloomy faces summoned through the networks to repudiate the intervention of Russia in his country.

“stop to Russia now,” “Stop the war” and “Help Ukraine now,” they shouted loudly, sometimes in their own language, on a bitterly cold day when some wrapped themselves in the Ukrainian flag as they sang their national anthem.

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Among the group were Ukrainian-Americans, such as Tanya Priatka, who traveled from Connecticut because “it was important to be here today.”

Priatka, whose grandparents emigrated to the US during World War II, told Efe that she was worried about her cousins ​​in Ukraine with whom she communicated yesterday when “everything was calm.”

“Today I woke up with the war,” she said, and regretted with anguish that she had not been able to communicate with her relatives.”

“I’m here to be your voice,” he said.

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The demonstrators planned to move later towards the two official buildings of Russia in New York: the headquarters of the Russian mission to the UN and the consulate of Russia in the Big Apple, in front of those who will chant their protest slogans.

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