Ulss7 between swabs chaos and still too many no vax. The Mayors write for the Call Center

Tampon chaos still at full capacity in Ulss7, the number of vaccine requests by the over 50s rises even if still too many no vax ‘bury’ the projections of responsibility but in the Alto Vicentino hospital there are 4 very small children hospitalized for covid.

2022 is grinding record numbers in terms of pandemics and the escalation of infections does not seem to stop in Veneto. At the expense of a health system that is increasingly under pressure: whether we are talking about hospitals or general practitioners, the elephant moves into a crystal shop where it is not possible to fix one situation that immediately deteriorates another.

Let’s face it: we are in an acute emergency phase, as the governor Luca Zaia recalls almost as a recurring mantra and the system, however well-established, is experiencing a very important stress situation: to date, 144,161 total swabs have been performed in Veneto and on these 18,357 they gave a positive result with an increase of 2.2% compared to the previous day. Across the region the currently positive subjects are now 232,482: a slight decline for a few days instead in intensive care which, after reaching 201 on January 10, has now fallen to 188.

And in the upper Vicenza area? The long wave of users queuing in hospitals does not seem to have stopped yet, especially in Santorso, where inconvenience and discontent continue to be recorded due to a screening that has now become agony. Despite an average of over 2800 tampons a day only between Asiago, Bassano and Santorso, the request for molecular or rapid tampons is not disposed of: however, the system that would be adopted according to which precedence, except children, would give priority to bookings. Reservations that however have an average time of one week to find a place.

“I tried to book through the portal” – says a mother in line in Santorso with the baby crying in her arms – “with the referral from my doctor I had to do the exit swab, but the first availability is 22 or 23 January: so I came with my one year old son to try because I can’t wait 8 days without results, I have a job waiting for me, what should I do? And like me many others, it is logical that then people argue “.

And if Athens cries, Sparta does not laugh. The other sore point are in fact the call centers: there too grueling attempts to be able to speak and maybe the line falls, clogged. An ordeal that, however, found a hearing, among others, in the Mayors of the Astico Valley that with Giordano Rossi first citizen of Velo D’Astico in the lead, they decided to write to the dg Carlo Bramezza: “Just a couple of days ago” – becomes a spokesperson Franco Bertagnoli, President of the Montana Alto Astico Union – “we sent a letter to the health company. The intent is not to protest as we are well aware of the moment, but we have appealed to common sense and the spirit of listening shown on several occasions by the Director Bramezza to remedy the inefficiencies that exasperate citizens. It takes patience and I am sure that our request will be met “.

On the vaccination front, on the other hand, the numbers photograph a positive situation for Ulss7: “We are working hard” – declares the Director of the Prevention Department dott. Liviano Vianello – “because it is clear that the only way to contain this pandemic is to proceed quickly in protecting all our people with vaccination and on this point we are seeing an increase in the sensitivity of the population even in the face of recent decisions taken at the government level . However, it is at the same time necessary that the preventive measures, i.e. spacing, use of masks and disinfection of the hands, are maintained with great attention, given the high contagiousness of the virus and in particular of this Omicron variant. An excellent result has been obtained in these days in relation to the administration of the third ‘Booster’ dose: 52.2% of the population vaccinated with the first and second dose (complete cycle) has already had the third dose “.

The number of vaccinated people rises also thanks to a massive increase in first doses for over 50s: 82% in our Ulss, higher than 77.87% of the regional average. However, to opacify a situation defined as ‘responsibility’, the almost 62 thousand unvaccinated to date: “Analyzing the data relating to hospitalized for Covid, these turn out to be 21.5 per 100,000 inhabitants among the vaccinated, against 154.4 per 100,000 inhabitants among the unvaccinated, who therefore proportionally appear to have a more than 7 times greater chance of being hospitalized. The more the number of unvaccinated will be reduced – declares the Health Director Dr. Antonio Di Caprio – the lesser the impact of the pandemic will be on the state of health of the population and consequently the requests for hospitalization for Covid disease, in order to return to normal in the provision of services as soon as possible “.

Marco Zorzi

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