Uncanny Elisabeth Moss Doppelgänger Shocks the Internet: ‘Praise Be’

Every human being is unique, but with more than 7 billion people on Earth, it’s no surprise that some of us occasionally come face to face with a remarkable resemblance.

The uncanny similarity of a woman with a celebrity has captivated the Internet. In March of this year, Stephanie Amick from Indianapolis, Indiana shared a video on TikTok where she revealed her uncanny resemblance to actress Elisabeth Moss.

With over 2 million views, TikTok users were in awe. “Oh my God. Twins,” said a viewer of the viral video.

Elisabeth Moss found fame on the AMC series Crazy men, and most recently starred in the hit world series The Handmaid’s Tale. The 39-year-old actress has won three Critics’ Choice Awards, two Golden Globes and two Primetime Emmy Awards.

amick said news week: “I remember posting a picture of myself while on vacation in 2017, which would have been a month after The Handmaid’s Tale started airing. Various family and friends started commenting that I looked like Elisabeth Moss, so that was the first time I heard the comparison.”

“I actually thought you were her,” said a commenter on the viral TikTok video. Another viewer said, “You look more like her than her.”

approached by a fan

One day when Amick was shopping at her local supermarket, a woman stopped her and said, “I’m sorry, but I have to ask you, are you Elisabeth Moss?”

“Of course I told her no and she said she wondered why I would be doing my own shopping,” Amick explained, “Since then I usually get a lot of feedback when new episodes are released. I am very flattered by the comparison. She’s an obviously talented and beautiful actress, so it’s hard not to be.”

To create the now-viral image, Amick used a popular TikTok filter that allows users to merge their faces into one image. The Shapeshifting filter has been used in the video sharing app over 940,000 times to create videos of your own celebrities.

Elsewhere online, finding your celebrity doppelgänger is a popular pastime, with sites and apps using AI facial recognition software to match people to a celebrity’s face.

“I was sitting in my car after a race waiting for a curbside order and scrolling through TikTok when I saw several similar videos trending,” Amick explained, “To appease my own curiosity, I decided to record a shapeshift on her. Once I did, I thought ‘wow, ok, I look like her,’ so I posted it.”

Within minutes, Amick was getting tons of notifications, and months later he says he still sees likes and comments on the video every day.

“If I had thought for a second that it would get the views it did, I would have at least put on a little makeup,” she joked, “But the reactions have been mostly flattering and comedic references to the show.” I have enjoyed reading them.”

One TikTok commenter exclaimed, “You look like her,” while other viewers referenced The Handmaid’s Tale and wrote: “Praised be” and “Blessed be the fruit.”

Elisabeth Moss doppelgänger side by side
A photo of Stephanie Amick, who gained viral attention online after being compared to actress Elisabeth Moss, left, and a photo of Elisabeth Moss at Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” season 3 finale celebration at the Regency Village Theater in 2019, at right.
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images and stephanieamick1/TikTok

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