Uncharted 4 without multiplayer on PS5 and PC in the Compilation? –

Uncharted: Collecting – Legacy of Thieves on PS5 and PC may not contain the Uncharted 4 multiplayer, according to the information reported by the recent classifications of the game, in particular on the ESRB, even if it is not yet definitive information.

We are still waiting for one exit date for Uncharted: Collection – Legacy of Thieves, which could come shortly considering the title was recently classified in Australia.

Precisely from the ESRB classification that has emerged in these days the doubt of the absence of multiplayer from Uncharted 4 also comes out, waiting for confirmation.

Usually, the presence of the online multiplayer game is signaled, in this type of classification, with typical icons and denominations that refer to the possibilities of online interaction with other players, but these mentions are strangely missing from the description of Uncharted: Collection – Legacy of Thieves.

It is also true that the classification may not be definitive, but it is also possible that Sony has decided to completely eliminate the section, given the official support ceased for some time, although the servers are still active and the multiplayer game is therefore technically functional on PS4.

For the moment, on the Collection we know that it arrives first on PS5 and that the PC version is expected later, but we look forward to further more precise communications on the release, as well as on other features of the collection.

In addition to the presence or absence of multiplayer, we await official information also on the technical details of the new versions such as resolution and frame-rate, among other things.

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