Uncharted: How Tom Holland Became Nathan Drake

It is a cult game for many gamers: in 2022, Uncharted hit the big screen. Tom Holland plays the hero, Nathan Drake. With the help of Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg), he will go in search of Fernand de Magellan’s treasure and encounter a lot of obstacles along the way.

Tom Holland almost didn’t play Nathan Drake

If Tom Holland landed the role of Nathan Drake, he almost completely missed out! And for good reason: the film project around the video game Uncharted dated 2010! The actor who embodies Spiderman on the big screen was only 14 at the time. It was originally Mark Wahlberg who was to play the hero. Since the film was delayed, he was relegated to the role of mentor, and Zendaya’s darling landed the starring role.

Challenging stunts and crazy training

For the purposes of the film and the many impressive stunts, Tom Holland had to follow crazy training for weeks. “I became stronger than I have ever been, I wanted to gain as much mass as possible because next to Mark Wahlberg, I look like nothing. I wanted to get fit and gain as much weight as possible” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

A necessary training since the actor had to shoot many complicated stunts. Like that of the plane, present in the trailer. “This sequence is the most complicated thing I have ever done. It was months of work, hanging from the end of boxes, being pushed around attached to cables“Tom Holland explained to CinemaBlend.


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