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With the new Budget law the bonus remains in the spotlight first home loans for young people under 36 with Isee less than 40 thousand euros. Let’s see, from the simulations of the main portals, which are the best offers of the banks for the beginning of 2022.

The best under 36 mortgage offers according to Mutuionline

Second Mutuionline, banks are defining more and more tailor-made offers for profiles that meet the requirements of the first home bonus in favor of applicants under the age of 36. For a thirty-year-old from Milan, who requires a thirty-year loan of 120 thousand euros for a property worth 180 thousand euros, the best offers were:

Mortgage under 36 at a fixed rate:

  • Bnl – Bnp Paribas Group: Carefree Mortgage, monthly payment of 385.97 euros, fixed rate 1.00% (finished rate) and Taeg 1.14%, investigation 960 euros, appraisal 300 euros. The loan is dedicated to young people under 36, with a permanent contract, but also self-employed and freelancers. The credit resolution is scheduled for just five days from the signature of the application and the disbursement is contextual to the stipulation.
  • Intesa Sanpaolo: Youth Mortgage Guarantee Fund First Home, monthly payment of 391.50 euros, zero preliminary investigation and appraisal costs 320 euros. The Tan is 1.10%, the Taeg 1.19%.

Under 36 variable rate mortgage:

  • Intesa Sanpaolo: monthly payment of 353.79 euros, Tan 0.40% and Taeg 0.48%. All expenses, including the investigation and management of the loan, are free. Possibility of requesting up to 100% of the value of the house if you have an Isee of less than 40 thousand euros.
  • Banco Bpm: MutuoYou Giovani Green, monthly payment 368.85 euros, Tan 0.69% and Taeg 0.76%, zero preliminary investigation costs, zero installment collection costs, appraisal costs for 320 euros. The loan finances up to 80% of the lower between the commercial value of the property and what is declared in the purchase contract, for a maximum amount of 250 thousand euros. With Isee less than 40 thousand euros, you can request up to 100 percent, up to 250 thousand euros.

First home loan under 36, the best offers for Facile.it

Similar simulation for Facile.it, which identifies, in addition to those already mentioned, other interesting offers for first home mortgages for young people:

  • Credit Agricole: young people up to 36 years can ask for up to 100% of the value of the property thanks to the Prima Casa Fund, paying the first payment after twelve months and without taxes, in the presence of the appropriate requirements.
  • Webank: the solutions Green Fixed Mortgage (constant and fixed installment for the entire duration of the loan), Variable Mortgage (the installment changes based on the trend in interest rates) e Variable Mortgage with Green option (the convenience of the variable rate with the possibility of choosing the fixed rate at any time) are particularly suitable for younger people, and provide a discount if theenergy efficiency of the property.

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