Unexpected encounter: a Pokémon Go player discovers a brilliant legend

A Pokémon Go user met a shiny Pokémon Legend in a mysterious encounter, just as the player mentioned “the next one coming.”

Pokémon Go players don’t need to experience incredible or, in some cases, very impressive encounters.

Random encounters can be a mixed bag, but a Pokémon Go dresser recently finds that some of these trouvailles can prove fruitful.

It is because one of these mysterious encounters has been a brilliant legend here that the journalist mentioned.

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A Go player will find Genesect in a rewarding encounter

On the Pokémon Go subreddit, a player named ‘beeceps’ posted an image of what’s behind the mystery of the Electric Coupe rewards.

This encounter will have a shiny Genesect, a Legendary Pokémon that will have great soulage for the original author of the publication. The couturier who reports to the “du mal” à capturer des Genesects de raid is donné a level low dans Go.

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Furthermore, the Genesect has three good attributes of Attack, Defense and Life Points.

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A journalist commented on the meeting, “Congratulations. C’est great.” Another Pokémon Go player expresses his joy at the discovery, this individual is not the only one who has possibilities in the encounters. “Pendant ce temps, j’envoie Moumouton et Rongourmand au professor pour recyclage. A. After the other. Je suis jaloux.

Plus, if you remember the old days of Pokémon Go, when you come across a Pokémon Legend it’s an easier discovery.

“I remember the old days when I thought it was a legendary Pokémon.” commented a Go player. Another echoes this sentiment. “J’ai plusieurs shiny et hundos des bons vieux jours.”

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Among other Pokémon Go news, Niantic has closed an agreement to transform McDonald’s restaurants in Canada into PokéStops. Of course, some of these sponsored links on the mobile phone will also become arenas.

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