Sudden assembly between Harry Styles and Pedro Almodovar in Spain

Pedro Almodóvar went to the Harry Styles concert in Madrid and then with Posél...

Pedro Almodovar attends Harry Styles live performance in Madrid and poses with him afterward

As a part of his 2023 tour, Love On Tour Europe, Friday 14 July Harry Styles The last efficiency in Madrid, Spain generated a revolution of music, coloration and fervour. The anticipated present was attended by numerous individuals who didn’t wish to miss the magical interpretations of the English musician. from them, Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, whose picture with the artist instantly went viral.

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“Do you know how this could end? harry is becoming a boy almodovar”, wrote a Twitter user, imagining a new scenario in which the director and composer shared an audiovisual project with Harry’s budding acting career. Also, they messed with the concept which is credited to those actors He is frequently chosen by Pedro for his successful projects.

Harry Styles introduces himself in Spain

Harry Styles appeared in Spain

In the image in question, Pedro and Harry are seen smiling at the camera while the musician hugs the director. The photo was shared on Twitter by Agustín Almodovar, who wrote: “Harry Styles and my brother.” Later, it was announced that the meeting was in Madrid, after the Englishman had finished his performance, in front of 65,000 people who were grooving to his music, and were able to have an intimate conversation, which was not disclosed and So gave way to a fantasy about it. A work project together.

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In addition, the moment the director of All About My Mother entered the property was shown on social networks Iberdrola Music to be part of the concert, Undoubtedly, his appearance created quite a stir, owing to the popularity he gained with being recognized as one of the most outstanding directors in the industry.

Pedro and Harry met in Madrid (Photo Instagram @AgustinAlmo)

Pedro and Harry met in Madrid (Photo Instagram @AgustinAlmo)

With regard to the representation of Argentina at the concert, it was Lali Exposito was shown to be hallucinating about being able to appear on her Instagram account. In various stories on her social networks, the artist, who is touring Europe, showed that she was very close to the stage and shared with her followers some moments of the show of the singer’s most recognized songs.

Similarly, she reposted a video by which she is proven obsessing over the artist whereas singing alongside. nonetheless, Argentina didn’t consider in Pedro’s luck And there was no assembly with the artist, although he was joyful to be a part of the particular second of rest, amid his work duties overseas.

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Harry Styles’ run via Spain ends this Friday, and his last tour dates are in Portugal and Italy. In this fashion the tour which began on 4 September 2021 ended. Which included eight levels of the journey, visiting greater than 80 cities on this planet. together with Buenos Aires in 2022, which triggered a stir amongst followers because it was his first solo efficiency within the nation.

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