Unforgettable Coachella Moments

We have just experienced a historic edition of the most important music festival in America. These are some of the unforgettable moments of Coachella 2023.

They were two intense weekends, with good music, luxury guests and juicy gossip. There’s a reason Coachella is the most important music festival on the continent and it proved it again, leaving us with unforgettable performances that are worth remembering over and over again.

Unforgettable Coachella Moments

Bad Bunny singing with Gorillaz

Gorillaz had one of the most spectacular performances of Coachella 2023. In the two weekends they played they had luxury guests, like Beck and Thundercat, but people went crazy when Bad Bunny took the stage to sing Storm, the single they recorded together for the latest album by Damon Albarn and his group. The best of two generations in one song.

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Zendaya, is that you?

No one saw this coming: Zendaya took the stage to sing songs from Euphoria, with which he broke an absence on the stage of almost seven years. Are you going to give more weight to her facet as a singer after this? Hopefully, but it looks difficult with all the acting commitments that she has, but boy did she give us one of the unforgettable moments of Coachella.

The closing of Blink-182

After the cancellation of Frank Ocean, the ones who took the stage to close Coachella were the members of Blink-182, and they did it in spectacular fashion. Neither Travis Baker’s injury, which caused him to cancel his show in Mexico, nor his lights, but the performance of this Californian trio was a close full of adrenaline.

The return of Rosalía, now with Rauw Alejandro

Rosalía was four years ago at Coachella for the first time. She now returned not only through the front door, but also with her fiancé Rauw Alejandro, with whom she shared the stage in one of the most emotional shows of the festival. Not bad to start warming up for her next presentation at the Zócalo in Mexico City next Friday.

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Blackpink and Bad Bunny making history

We knew this was going to be a historic festival because for the first time, a Latino artist and a K-pop group would headline Coachella. It was one thing for us to know and it was another to see it. Blackpink’s performance was spectacular. It was also a kind of preview of what we will see this week when they sing for the first time in Mexico.

For his part, Bad Bunny moved the entire audience by speaking in Spanish during his presentation. Without a doubt, one of the most emotional moments of this edition of Coachella.

These were just a few of the unforgettable moments from Coachella 2023. It’s barely over and we’re already waiting for the announcement of who will be on the lineup for 2024.

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