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All false. So Brad Pitt’s lawyers respond to the allegations made by his ex-wife. He charges with details and particular contents of the documents presented by the lawyers of Angelina Jolie on the quarrel between the two that took place in 2016 on board a plane traveling from France to California that would have involved two of the couple’s six children and induced the actress to file for divorce soon after. In the paragraph entitled “Why Jolie separated from Pitt” the legal documents state that the actress, in an attempt to calm an argument between the actor and one of his children, was insulted, pushed into the bathroom of the plane, grabbed on the head and behind and yanked by the actor. According to the allegations, Pitt would later grab one of the sons by the throat and hit another in the face while the other frightened children begged him to stop. The actor would eventually pour beer on his wife and red wine on his children and prevent the family from leaving the aircraft for at least twenty minutes. The investigations ofFBI did not lead to the arrest or indictment of Pitt, who he has now, through his lawyers, released to CNN an official statement disproving Jolie’s version: “The reconstruction continues to evolve each time it adds new, groundless allegations. Brad admitted his responsibility for him for what he did, but not for acts he didn’t commit. These new accusations are completely false ”. Pitt had previously dealt with alcohol addiction, but after following a path with Alcoholics Anonymous he regained his sobriety.



Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt: “He beat me and our children”

The couple’s legal battles first involved custody of their six children (now aged between 14 and 21), and then the dispute over the French wine estate. Château Miraval (where, according to Jolie’s legal documents, the children never returned due to the “pain Pitt caused the family that day”). The actor is suing his ex-wife for violating her contractual rights by selling half of the shares to a company of the Stoli Group controlled by Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler without her consent. Jolie replied that she had never entered into such an agreement and instead sold her stake to gain economic independence from Pitt and thus “have some form of peace and close this deeply painful and traumatic chapter of her life and that of her parents. his children”. The actress also alleged that she repeatedly tried to sell her share to her ex-husband, who would have agreed only on condition that she sign a non-denigration clause “which would have prevented her from discussing physical abuse outside the courts. and emotional effects perpetrated by Pitt towards him or his family ”. Jolie would therefore have refused to sign the clause, which was deemed “abusive and controlling”. In Pitt’s version, the failure of the negotiations would instead be the result of a negative ruling issued against the ex-wife in the case on the custody of the children.

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