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Unión Magdalena and América de Cali were playing the second leg of the round of 16 of the Colombia Cup 2022, at the Sierra Nevada stadium in Santa Martes, in a defining duel to find out the team that will advance to the quarterfinals, where the Cyclone won the key 2 goals to 1.

The match began at 3:35 in the afternoon with the partial tie of the series for America with a score by Daniel Hernández at 26 seconds. The locals were able to recover and not only scored the 1-1 with a goal from Jermein Peña, but also ended the initial stage winning 2-1 with a goal from Isaac Camargo, after a good collective play from their own field.

In the final part, the Scarlets improved their game and had a good 15 minutes trying to equalize the series again, but the team was left behind and the offensive ideas were lost again. About minute 79, the game was suspended due to a drop in the electricity supply of the Sierra Nevada stadium, for which the lights lowered their intensity, then turned off, later the teams paraded to the dressing rooms due to a heavy rain that flooded several sectors of the stadium. pitch and later it became known that the electrical problem was in general in the capital of Magdalena.

At night, two hours after the suspension of the game, Dimayor announced on their social networks that the game “will resume tomorrow, Thursday at 9:00 am, for the round of 16 round.”

Juan Andres Arias Arias
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
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