United States accuses Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri, killed in Beirut, of being a “brutal terrorist”

US accuses Saleh al-Arouri of being a “brutal terrorist” whose hands are stained with the blood of civilians (Reuters)

usa He mentioned the death that occurred this Wednesday Saleh Al Arourimember of the political office of Hamas and one of the founders of the group, which he described A “brutal terrorist” who had “civilians’ blood” on his hands,

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller held the Palestinian militia leader responsible for the October 7 attacks, the more than 1,200 victims they left behind and a similar number of attacks that also claimed innocent lives.

Al Arouri was killed a day earlier in a maneuver on the outskirts of Beirut lebanon, in a building where – it is believed – a Hamas office operates. Actually, there was a meeting with Palestinian fighters at the time of the collision, due to which five other people also died along with them.

Miller said the United States does not have enough information to pinpoint anyone responsible for the previous day’s actions.

Immediately, Lebanese, Palestinian and Iranian factions were blamed israel Regarding this attack, however, the Jewish State did not comment on the matter, as it usually does on actions of this style. For his part, Miller indicated that The United States still does not have enough information to pinpoint the person responsible. and instead referred these issues to the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

However, this episode was very important in the development of the war between Israel and Hamas because the Palestinian – the head of the formation from exile – was one of the highest ranking officers killed since October 7.

In response to this loss, Iran promised revenge to Tel Aviv and another Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, assured that “a movement whose leaders and founders become martyrs for the dignity of our people and our nation, He will never be defeated.” ,

Additionally, the Persian regime extended its message to Washington, to which it said Be “prepared” for the consequences That they would come to “venture into our region and change its balance”. “(Al Arouri’s death) will have an adverse impact and harm to the Americans,” said Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani.

Iran and Hezbollah warned the United States and Israel about the consequences of terrorist leader’s death (Europa Press)

Additionally, the leader of the Lebanese Shia militia Hezbollah warned of a fight “without borders” if the fighting spread to that country.

“If the enemy is planning to start a war against Lebanon We will fight without limits, without restrictions, without limits. we are not afraid of war” he said in a televised speech Hassan Nasrallah And stressed that this “significant and dangerous crime will not go unanswered or unpunished.”

Israel, after hearing the news a day earlier, had announced that its troops were highly prepared for any situation that might arise due to the possibility of a strong enemy counter-attack.

Israel remains “highly prepared for any situation” that could arise, fearing a strong counter-attack by the enemy (Reuters)

In any case, in an effort to discourage the idea of ​​expanding the conflict beyond the northern border, the United States indicated that “now is not the time to further escalate the situation”, and said that they would continue to do so. Send the same message to Hezbollah through all available channels.

However, this Wednesday another day of firing was recorded between Lebanon and Israel, with Israel striking terrorist targets in the former due to its previous missile launches.

(with information from EFE)

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