United States | Capitol: Man Crashes Burning Vehicle into Congressional Barricade, Opens Fire Before Killing Himself | Washington | WORLD

An individual set fire to his vehicle before crashing it into a barricade near the Capitol of USA before opening fire indiscriminately and taking his own life with a shot, according to security sources reported to the public network PBS.

The incident, which occurred early this Sunday, US time, has not resulted in more victims, according to these sources, who have not provided more details about the identity or motives of the person responsible for the incident.

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The vehicle ended up stamped against a barricade on Second and East Capitol streets, and the individual ended up taking his own life on the east side in front of the US Legislative headquarters.

The police, who are investigating the incident, He has no indication that the man was targeting any member of Congress, since the institution is on vacation recess.

In addition, he stated that none of his agents fired at the man. No one else was injured.

The incident comes more than a year after another vehicle crashed into a Capitol barricade in 2021, killing a police officer and injuring a colleague.

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